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Hello! I was wondering if anyone is/has applied to CSUS for Fall '11. If so, what are your points looking like? How did you do on the TEAS exam (pretty tough huh?) I want to compare info!!! :D... Read More

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    I have already posted something about this post but can someone help me find the informatipn sheets on cost of program.i emailed teri but havent heard anything from her.i was wondering how much is liability insurance and thebackground check and drug screen. My job currently does a urinalusis seven panel drug screen as well as a fbi background criminal background check free of charge .are these the same test sac state does it would really help to save some money.

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    The program requires you to use their background check and all screenings per their request. You must pay for the drug screen, background check which I think ran around $100 for both, but I don't remember. The total cost of the first semester ran around $5000 for me which included fees, vaccinations, insurance, supplies (stethoscope, etc), and books. I believe that future semesters will be a bit less expensive but plan on at least $4000 per semester with fees and books. Hope this helps!
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    thank you so much I talked to my employer and told them the stipulations on the background drug screening they have agreed to pay for it if its a hundred dollars I talked to the picked health information lady and she had told me its quite expensive because they are contracted with two departments to do a hair follicle test which could cost me anywhere from 150 to 200 dollars has anyone else had to do thos kind of test she didnt seem to know much of what she was talking aboit because she also told me that physical therapy is the other department and when I called them they said this wasnt true . Nursing department hasnt picked u there phone.
    Im movimg from yuba city and really need to get all of my money together that I have to ay out of pocket. So is this the new drug procedure because there isno way my job would cover that kind of expense . I am also going to have to pay for health insurance
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    Does anyone have an opinion on taking Pharmacology before or during the program? My community college offers Pharmacology but I hear its incredibly easy and you don't learn anything. I thought that was strange considering nurses use pharm so much. Would it be a mistake to take it before entering the program? Or is it difficult to take during the program? Thanks!

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