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Anyone applying for summer/fall 2012? Anyone can comment about the program (graduates, current students)? Thanks!... Read More

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    I think a lot of people just do the masters route and skip the bsn if you're planning on getting a masters and have that option, you might want to do that =)

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    I would like to apply to a Master's program after BSN ( if I make it). The whole reason for BSN for me is to figure out what I am interested in - which field, which Master's. But I would like to work first to get experience: ) To get that first, difficult to find
    job: )
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    that makes sense... the people i spoke to with that question mainly said time and money was why they went straight for the masters =)
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    I should have probably done the same - applied for ELM to save time and money, but not sure if I want to pursue NP, or NS, or CRNA (?- a lot of people want that one). How about you - any Master's in mind?
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    i don't think i got into either csun or concordia since i haven't heard from either... i was trying for an accelerated bsn program. not sure if i'll be able to wait a whole year to apply again... gonna find a job in the meantime =)
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    thank you all for your inputs. you guys are awsome. i think i'm pretty much decided. i will be giving up my spot at csun and accept a spot at another school (master's program). those of you who are still waiting, good luck to you!!! btw, my spot was summer 2012.
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    @jungdt-congrats! Where have you decided to go? I think some people who also go this route do it to save $ because doing direct entry programs (where you become an np within 2-3 years) is much mor expensive. But I do know people who went the ABSN route and then immediately went into a NP program
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    still waiting for ucla, since i'm waitlisted. if not ucla then azusa. i don't have much time since i'm already in the mid-30s and i want to start working asap. i like absn route since it's cheaper and csun is only 20 min drive from my house...but i want to start working soon.
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    just in case there are people still waiting to hear something, i got an email that said letters should be sent out by march 29th
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    I hope you will get in! Seems like a lot of people are refusing their spots

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