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Anyone applying for summer/fall 2012? Anyone can comment about the program (graduates, current students)? Thanks!... Read More

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    thanks williowLA - we'll see... it does seem like a few people are giving up their spots, but i'm not so sure... you know how it is when you have a feeling but i appreciate your support
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    Is there anyone attending the Summer Cohort that will be moving to Northridge? I am from Monterey and will be making a big move. Any suggestions for housing?
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    How big is the summer and or fall cohort?
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    when does the summer cohort start?
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    the total they took this year was 38 for the two cohorts... so 19 in each. as far as the date, not sure...
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    The Summer Cohort starts May 29th. Not sure about the Fall.
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    made it to the alternate list... more waiting... anyone else hear back that was waiting?
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    I'm still waiting to hear back, so far I've heard nothing... what's the alternate list all about and how'd you find out you made it on there?
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    i got an email with an attached letter (and the hardcopy in the mail yesterday). it just stated that there were 270-some applicants, 38 spots, and that I was put on an alternate list. the letter let me know that if someone dropped, they would contact me and see if i'm still available...
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    thanks happyperson2! Was there a date on there that said when they'd let you know by, or did it say whether you were on the alternate list for Summer 2012 or Fall 2012?