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I just submitted my application yesterday and thought I'd start a thread for this process! I was involved in one last year when I applied, and it was really helpful to know what was going on, and where my stats where with others!... Read More

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    @choe.cm, there's no automatic confirmation of the application being complete that I know of. I turned in my application to nursing's admission coordinator -- I guess that's the best confirmation yet? You can call and ask them though.

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    On the CSULB website you can actually check your application status You just need your ID # they gave you when you first applied to the school. Here's the website: https://my.cms.csulb.edu/psp/pa91prd....LB_APS_SS.GBL

    Hope this helped!
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    On the CSULB website you can actually check your application status You just need your ID # they gave you when you first applied to the school. Here's the website:https://my.cms.csulb.edu/psp/pa91prd....LB_APS_SS.GBL

    Hope this helped!
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    Thanks @gobeach2013 and @hope13! The link only tells me that the university application is correct. I needed to send a letter to SON that my Chem class was a wetlab. I handed it myself to the receptionist but I just worry a lot. LOL Hopefully we hear soon! Crunch time!
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    According to last year's thread, people got emails for interviews on March 5, hopefully we hear soon then :]]
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    Quote from choe.cm
    Did everyone get an automatic confirmation that their application was complete? Or did you hand to call to check on yours specifically? I didn't get anything so now I am super worried. I know someone said that they are going to email us in the next two weeks, but I wish they would hurry. The wait is killing me.
    I never got an email or anything. I did call the School of Nursing though and they did receive my application. So dont worry if they didn't email you, sounds like no one has gotten an email yet. I wonder if they expect us to dress up for the interview. Im trying to not shave my beard until the first day of spring and its pretty awesome, but if I have to shave it for the interview its bye bye beard.
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    Lol critter55! I would imagine its business casual. Well, it's march 4th, and it is going to be a good week!
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    Just to make sure... If any of you took the TEAS V test at CSULB, they already have our scores on file right? So we weren't supposed to send the scores or anything like that to them? I didn't send my scores and I just wanted to make sure with you all.
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    I took it at CSULB and they said we don't have to send the scores. Just as long as you wrote on the SON application where and when you took it.

    If anyone here a second degree seeker? (already have a BA) I am and I am scared it will hurt my chances of getting in.
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    @choe.cm, thanks for the reply. And I don't think being a second degree seeker would affect your chances of getting in ... Unless Im missing out on some info. I believe CSU Northridge has an accelerated BSN program for second degree seekers if you havent looked into that yet. I'm a transfer student and I'm more concerned with getting into the university than getting into the SON :/

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