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I just submitted my application yesterday and thought I'd start a thread for this process! I was involved in one last year when I applied, and it was really helpful to know what was going on, and where my stats where with others!... Read More

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    Just signed up to join in the chat due to the comments above. I too am hoping to hear back from them. I rank a 9.57 on their 10 point scale. Currently going to GWC taking patho/pharm right now; I probably have class with you gmo. Patho is kicking my ass but i'm going to stick it out to see how I can do. I'll definitely post here if/when I receive an email from monalisa.

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    Hey guys do you know by chance how long the interview would be and if we will most likely be standing or sitting? the only reason why I'm asking is because I read redwards6's post about the interviews possibly being a week after the invitation.. And I'm currently recovering from a foot surgery and might be in crutches
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    Hello! I also applied to this program. fits anyone know if the trimester program fills up quickly? I really hope I can finish in 2 years. I am a bit older and want to hurry and finish so that I can get out there to work.
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    I have heard that everyone usually gets the program that they want- I think it's pretty evenly split. Happy thoughts 😅
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    My alma mater! Aug 2012 trimester!

    Anyone have any questions I can answer?
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    tristanugget, yup! That exam was tough! I might have to drop due to scheduling, but keeping Pharm. the power points are insane, it takes longer to print than to read them: )

    Nice to meet you ; )
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    Is anyone nearby the school? In the past they throw up the list.
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    Has anyone heard from CSULB yet regarding acceptance to the school? I've heard that other people have already received acceptance emails.
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    @LA.ER.RN-You have? Not a person on this forum has received an email yet, and their stats are pretty high. You're making me nervous. More info please! When did they receive the emails, and when are the interviews?

    @gmo-In San Clemente

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    I just threw up...ok, here's where mind over matter is out the window!

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