CSULB Fall 2013 BSN - page 9

I just submitted my application yesterday and thought I'd start a thread for this process! I was involved in one last year when I applied, and it was really helpful to know what was going on, and... Read More

  1. by   gogo1717
    Last applicant pool was around 450ish????
  2. by   gobeach2013
    Yes there were 479 applicants for fall 2012. And for our pool, 200 more than that.
  3. by   gogo1717
  4. by   redwards6
    Wow that's incredible. Well, last year the cutoff was 9.1, which I believe was higher than ever. Fingers crossed and stay positive!
  5. by   Rgo8316
    Oh wow, 650+ applicants this year? That's so nerve racking! Especially for all the peeps that are kind of borderline (like myself)! I am so scareeeed. With my 9.24, there's a great chance I'll be on the alternate list.. ): I guess all we can do is wait and see. Good luck to us all!
  6. by   choe.cm
    It's just too intense! :[[ after the interview we still have to wait another 6 weeks or so until they officially accept anyone. That would be late April. It is so late :,[[
  7. by   choe.cm
  8. by   choe.cm
    INTERVIEWS ARE ON MARCH 20 9:00 - 4:00! Anyone else get an email yet? We have to contact back between 3/11 and 3/15 to set up an interview time.
  9. by   Rgo8316
    Omgg I got an interview invite as well! I'm so shocked and hope I'm not on the alternate list!!
  10. by   tristanugget
    got the interview too see you there maybe
  11. by   redwards6
    I got an email!!!!!!!!
  12. by   gogo1717
    Was it a group email?
  13. by   gobeach2013
    I just got an interview invite!