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Hi! I think the CSULB School of nursing recently post new pool statistics including those who were chosen for Fall 2011. Knowing that the rating average is 8.91/10, that seems like a huge... Read More

  1. by   DarkBluePhoenix
    Well if I do that then I wastes $55 app fee. I might as well at least try! They may not notice it. A good friend if mine who is currently in their EL-MSN program said to at least try and apply. I mean they would really have to LOOK to actually see it. Who knows, at least I tried
  2. by   Spiffyness
    Oh I see. Yeah, for CSU Bakersfield I will be throwing away $55. Reason why I'm not applying is because theres a mandatory interview for all qualified applicants and I live about 2.5 hours away. Also, Bakersfield is in the middle of no where so it really would be my last choice. I planned to apply to CSUB before I took my TEAS and before the Fall 2011 semester, but I don't see the point because I have 6 other options before it and a decent TEAS score/gpa.
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  3. by   DarkBluePhoenix
    You will be fine! You have great stats so you will probably get in everywhere. Don't worry about CSUB
  4. by   CluelessNursingGuy
    My score is 9.21 with an in-progress course as a CSULB student.

    I'm surprised to see not too many people posting. There are usually a lot of people posting in CSULB threads. I hope this means there won't be many applicants this semester so the averages stay as low as possible.
  5. by   Spiffyness
    Me too! How did you do on your TEAS?
  6. by   DarkBluePhoenix
    I so agree!
  7. by   lucyc66
    My stats:

    Anatomy: A
    Micro: A
    Physio: C (In progress)
    Science gpa: 3.47

    Eng 1: A
    Eng 3: B
    Speech: B
    Math: A
    GE gpa: 3.5

    TEAS Math: 100
    TEAS Overall: 92.7

    Which puts me at 9.07 (unless i miscalculated).

    I think my chances of getting in are quite slim (especially as a transfer), but I figured if we get 2 tries I might as well apply. My hope is that the new rule will lower the average so that I might actually stand a chance.
  8. by   CluelessNursingGuy
    When I calculated you score I got, 9.31, but then again I was using CSULB's units to calculate your GPA, so maybe that's why it was different.
  9. by   lucyc66
    My units are these:

    eng 1:4
    eng 3: 4
    speech: 3
    math: 3

    Anatomy: 4
    micro: 5
    chem: 5
    physio: 5
  10. by   DarkBluePhoenix
    Weird that anatomy is 4 units and physiology is 5 units..
  11. by   CluelessNursingGuy
    You calculated your score correctly then.
  12. by   Spiffyness
    I was surprised to see how rude some of the employees answering the phone calls to the school of nursing are .. The coordinator contacted me about my Anatomy and Physiology courses because I took them elsewhere, yet they are on the Science equivalency list so I figured the school of nursing would take them. So she asked me to bring syllabi from the courses to her office but didn't leave a contact number. I called the School of Nursing and asked if she could transfer me to the coordinator (I stated her name), and at first she made me wait 5 minutes on hold when I can hear her laughing and talking to someone else in the background, then she all of a sudden remembered I was on the line and said no I cannot I can have a dashboard full of something something something (?) some random gibberish and I said, "...okay.. can you type in this extension" and she just said very fast "No call her at _____ this number bye." As she was saying bye I said "can you repeat that please" and she just hung up, knowing I was still there. I thought this very rude .. sort of upset at how my call was handled.
  13. by   CluelessNursingGuy
    Wow that's terrible! She sounds very unprofessional. Did you get the name of the person you talked to?

    If your A&P course was on the science equivalency list, why would they need to check? That's so strange. Maybe you should to to them face-to-face.

    I also didn't know they were reviewing applications already. I need to get mine in ASAP.

    I hope everyone is enjoying their first day of the spring semester. Cheers to a great semester!