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    Hello! I submitted my app a couple weeks ago, and the wait feels like it's going to take forever!

    Did you apply to any other schools?
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    Hi lgripe! ME TOO! The only thing that helps the whole waiting game is that there are a few things that happen along the way. I just took the TEAS a week ago, then we should hear about applying thru mentor, then interviews and then hopefully acceptance!

    I applied to Western, UCLA and U of A in Tucson. What about you?
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    Oh cool! Have you heard from anything from the other schools?

    CSULA is actually the only Master's program I applied to.... I applied for CSULB's BSN and CSUSM's ABSN programs though.

    I was surprised no one created a thread earlier for the program! Hoping that means fewer applicants to compete against
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    Just had an interview at Western on Friday. UCLA is silent until March/April (no interviews) and U of A should have interviews soon. When do you hear on the other programs?

    In general the boards have seemed a bit quiet at this point compared to prior years. Glad you found this one - great to have someone to share all this with.
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    How exciting!! I really liked Western when I went for a preview day!

    And I know! I'm glad that forums exist haha I feel like no one understands how crazy applying to nursing school is unless you're in it!

    I think last years thread said interviews are end of Feb, so hopefully it won't be too long before we hear something!
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    I still haven't heard from CSULA at all, other than that I only applied to accelerated BSN at Cal State Fullerton, and ALL of the local ADN programs.
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    I received an email from CSULA that they received my application. It was delivered on 1/10 and I got the email on 1/15 confirming receipt of the application. You may want to contact them to make sure they have it.
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    I submitted mine in person, and had a few emails afterward regarding an additional class I have to take, so they definitely have it. I just haven't received anything formal. Sorry, I wasn't very clear when I wrote that last post!
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    Has anyone heard anything about applying to the University? Last years forum said they had to apply before like Feb 6th which is coming up, so just making sure I'm not missing anything!
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    I was wondering that as well. I know the grad application opens up on 2/1 so we should hear something soon. The instructions said we would hear from the coordinator when/how to apply if we meet the min requirements for the program. Let us know if you hear anything!!
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    Cohort 10 here.... heard a rumor today that interviews would be starting Feb 10. good luck everyone!
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    Thanks superfryk! I have seen many of your posts from last year and keep thinking I am traveling your same path! How are you liking CSULA?