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Anyone applying for fall 2013? I saw recently that they changed something,but i cant exactly point out what it is. I think it might be the statistics prereq. They also have the applications due earlier than last year anyways,... Read More

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    Go online and look at the graduation rate for undergrads at CSULA. Only 9% of undergrads graduate in the planned 4 years and only 36% of ALL undergrads graduate at all. If you compare these rates to the other schools in the area they are MUCH lower. Yes, this is a graduate program and I'm sure the graduation rate is a lot higher, but these stats just point to vast disfunction throughout the university.

    As for the SON, you will find a couple faculty that are nice. The vast majority have a tendency to treat students like they are children. They will mess up on grading and you will suffer the consequences. If you try to bring it up with them, they get defensive and won't listen to your case because you are just a "stupid student". Even if you think you are the smartest person in the world and the perfect student, be prepared for poorly written syllabi, arrogant faculty, and dumb rules to get in the way of your success.

    The financial aid office screws up everything. I mean everything. If you are someone like me who really relies on financial aid to survive, you will likely have a very hard time at this school because you will almost never get your money on time. And it will be months not days late.

    The textbooks are crap in this program. They use nursing textbooks to teach you medicine, and nurses inherently seem to write bad textbooks. Other schools use actual medical textbooks. You'll end up buying these medical textbooks to make up for the bad nursing ones, so get ready to spend a lot of money.

    A lot of time is wasted on worthless classes (research, nursing policy, what is an np?).... time that should be spent learning to diagnose and treat patients. After wasting all your time on fluff, you end up really only getting 1 year to learn medicine. That is not enough.

    Lastly and most important. The nursing school is very resistant to change. Much of the program structure (course content, syllabus, etc.) must be decades old. It's also poorly organized and communication is really poor. I know many people that have tried to step up and make changes to these problems only to be told by the director herself that they are just whining or being difficult.

    I can't speak for everyone obviously, but for me, this program was the worst decision of my life and I would give anything to go back in time and chose another school. This program has taken my money, my dignity, and my happiness and it could take yours too.

    Good luck everyone, and please think carefully before choosing. This decision could affect your life a lot more than you think.

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    Hi guys, Just wanted to introduce myself as another ELMSN applicant. Hope to hear something soon. Also thanks to those of you in the program for your feedback- very much appreciated
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    Hey have u guys applied yet for the csu mentor portion yet?
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    I did today...
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    got the email from them saying to send in 2 sets of transcripts- but of course we sent in 2 sets with the initial nursing app. is this just redundancey or do we need to send in 2 more do you think?
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    Ya I think they are just making sure that we did send in two sets of transcripts. I really don't think they need 4 sets haha
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    @ cnszja
    I think the graduation rate % has a lot to do with the quality of students, you can't blame the school for that. I've had amazing experiences with all of my professors here. Of course I can't say anything about the teachers in the nursing program.
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    According to last year's forum, it seems like we might get emails in a week or so regarding interviews. Correct me if I'm wrong. Good luck to everyone
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    I hope so and I hope they give us notice sooner than western! They barely told me yesterday that my interview will be on Wed...that's like only 4 days!! It wouldn't be so bad if I was in the area but I'm in the bay so I had to book a quick flight!!!
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    is it through email or phone? I hope it's email. I would be too nervous on the phone lol

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