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Anyone applying for fall 2013? I saw recently that they changed something,but i cant exactly point out what it is. I think it might be the statistics prereq. They also have the applications due earlier than last year anyways,... Read More

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    sorry for the delay,I definitely had a crazy month... anyways

    calistudent...I found that stats was just the regular stats class at my school.so if you want to try going to a community college then check assist.com and try to see if there's a class articulated with that school and CSULA. i'm not sure if its too late but you can try calling the school and asking if those classes will be accepted. Only reason I say this is because if you're going to go through the intense month of learning the subject it should be worth it. better safe than sorry...in my opinion.

    Honestly the prereqs were not too bad because on Assist it basically had the classes my school (and other community colleges around me) are articulated with and directly told me what class.

    Good Luck though!

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    CX- dont worry!!! i bet you did great.
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    Hey all,

    Just mailed in my application packet for the Summer 2013 ELMN Program at Cal State LA!!! Now the waiting begins haha. Does anyone know when they start letting us know about interviews and acceptance?
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    Hi, guys!
    I'm a student at SFSU, and I'm putting the finishing touches to my CSULA app for the generic program.
    I took the TEAS V at LA in September, so I figure I might as well apply since they already have my scores!!
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    i actually did pretty bad for my teas. got a 76 on reading, 86.7 on math, 62.5 on science
    and 80 on english. overall, 74.7 -___-

    cant retake it anymore for csula.
    im hoping ill do better when i retake it on january at csulb. fingers crossed!
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    I was so excited to turn in my application,
    yeah i didn't end up doing as well as i would have liked to but I took it again on saturday!
    Hopefully this time around it went well. I felt more prepared than the first time for sure.

    fingers crossed for us all!
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    Hey guys,

    I think I screwed up for CSULA

    My Stats:

    prereq GPA = 3.77
    overall GPA= 3.69
    TEAS = 73.3% (I can't retake it because I have to wait 3 weeks..)
    CNA EXP + 200hrs volunteering

    Its going to be a miracle to get in!... What do you think?
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    i somewhat have the same dilemma as you @suppa :/
    im retaking the teas for csulb though cos my csula was also around 70% D:
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    @ cxmonet... Yes, I was down for a while and kept questionning myself if I was good enough for Nursing. If I can't score high on this easy test, then what about the NCLEX???.. Although I sacrificed my social life and worked my butt of for the past 2 years to get into a BSN program, I still bearely qualify. That never happened to me before but guess what??? I decided I will not let a simple test score judge me. I am a Nurse in my heart. I have the knowledge and the stamina required to get into any Nursing School.
    I am going to be there... by any mean.

    Happy New Year to yall!

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    I have similar scores as you do, and from what I understand, the BSN program at CSULA actually counts your national percentile and not your individual adjusted score.

    Individual Adjusted Scores:

    Overall: 75.3%
    Reading: 76.2%
    English: 73.7%

    National Percentile Scores:

    Overall: 79
    Reading: 63
    English: 78

    Unfortunately for me, the national percentile scores bring me down one point because of the reading With my prerequisites and transferable gpa both at a 4.0, I believe I'd have 21 points with the individual adjusted scores, but with the national scores, it drops me down to 20 points. I am going to be volunteering soon; Monica with the SON told me that as long as I complete my hours and submit them before the deadline on March 29th, that I could still gain 2 more points, however, I don't know if a 22 point score is even competitive... I should have retaken the TEAS when I had a chance, but life happens, I prioritized my things incorrectly, and now my chances are not as strong as I thought they would be... I'm hoping to retake the TEAS for CSULB and I really hope my chances are better with them...

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