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Anyone applying for fall 2013? I saw recently that they changed something,but i cant exactly point out what it is. I think it might be the statistics prereq. They also have the applications due... Read More

  1. by   Yoshi.O
    @sabcal i;m sorry but i'm not quite sure either..I have looked around the website but I can't find anything. I'm sorry

    That's great! hopefully your counselor gives u some good advice You have plenty of options out there even though sometimes it seems so out of reach
    I live in Thousand Oaks. It;s pretty much way far from the schools I want so bad lol
  2. by   suppaduppaCNA
    Hello guyz,

    I am also applying this fall and taking the TEAS V in December 8 at CSULA..I read that its going to be a paper/pencil test. I don't know if the results are going to be right away and I am afraid I am not going to meet the deadline to submit the test result. Do you know how long it takes to get the paper/pencil test results?

    Thank you
  3. by   Yoshi.O
    I'm taking the TEAS that day as well.. don't worry. It states in the Information for applicants letter that the application packet is due the 11th BUT the scores must be submitted by Dec 28. And since you are taking it at CSULA i'm pretty sure they send the scores to them automatically.
  4. by   cxmonet
    Hey! I actually took the TEAS today and apparently, we're going to get our results this upcoming Wednesday. The instructor said to check the ATI website for the results. You guys should really study. It DOES help!
    I just don't know if my test was good enough though. :/
    Hopefully it is!
  5. by   Yoshi.O
    how funny..I was there saturday also! How do you think you did?
    I was actually really surprised that the math and reading was super easy...
    science was all over the place
    and english section i zipped through xD

    don't worry I bet you did great!
  6. by   cxmonet
    haha oh i took it last friday
    i actually thought some math problems were confusing. i think it was cos i was running out of time. :/
    i know i did okay but the question is: did i do good enough to get in? D:
  7. by   calistudent818
    I am hoping to apply this coming Sept. I am just starting to plan for getting my prereqs knocked out. However, I am having one heck of a time finding a Inferential statistics class??? What in the heck is that? Intro to statistics? And for the Chem 151(as well as my microbiology, Human Anat & Phys), I was planning ot take through Intergratedscienceprogram.com but they have a prereq of Intro to Chem. So would that be like Chem 101 at community college or what? I guess i have alot of calls to make to find out. If any of you know the answers to my above questions though please share.

    This prereq stuff is tricky and confusing as all get out.
  8. by   Yoshi.O
    sorry for the delay,I definitely had a crazy month... anyways

    calistudent...I found that stats was just the regular stats class at my school.so if you want to try going to a community college then check assist.com and try to see if there's a class articulated with that school and CSULA. i'm not sure if its too late but you can try calling the school and asking if those classes will be accepted. Only reason I say this is because if you're going to go through the intense month of learning the subject it should be worth it. better safe than sorry...in my opinion.

    Honestly the prereqs were not too bad because on Assist it basically had the classes my school (and other community colleges around me) are articulated with and directly told me what class.

    Good Luck though!
  9. by   Yoshi.O
    CX- dont worry!!! i bet you did great.
  10. by   alyssag24
    Hey all,

    Just mailed in my application packet for the Summer 2013 ELMN Program at Cal State LA!!! Now the waiting begins haha. Does anyone know when they start letting us know about interviews and acceptance?
  11. by   luxue
    Hi, guys!
    I'm a student at SFSU, and I'm putting the finishing touches to my CSULA app for the generic program.
    I took the TEAS V at LA in September, so I figure I might as well apply since they already have my scores!!
  12. by   cxmonet
    i actually did pretty bad for my teas. got a 76 on reading, 86.7 on math, 62.5 on science
    and 80 on english. overall, 74.7 -___-

    cant retake it anymore for csula.
    im hoping ill do better when i retake it on january at csulb. fingers crossed!
  13. by   Yoshi.O
    I was so excited to turn in my application,
    yeah i didn't end up doing as well as i would have liked to but I took it again on saturday!
    Hopefully this time around it went well. I felt more prepared than the first time for sure.

    fingers crossed for us all!