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Anyone applying for fall 2013? I saw recently that they changed something,but i cant exactly point out what it is. I think it might be the statistics prereq. They also have the applications due... Read More

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    I got in and had a similar overall GPA, and some people in the program had lower, I believe. Give it a shot. Essay and interview matter. Most of all, be confident in yourself in why you believe you have what it takes to succeed in an accelerated program and become a great nurse!
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    Hi everyone! I hope you are all doing well!! I know everyone is super busy, but I was wondering if anyone knew the names of the books used in the first quarter. We don't start for another two months, but just wanted to peek at what we'll be covering. Thanks!!
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    Physical Examination and Health Assessment by Jarvis. I'd start memorizing it now.... :P
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    Quote from superfryk
    Physical Examination and Health Assessment by Jarvis. I'd start memorizing it now.... :P
    Any other texts for the 1st quarter?
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    I dont want to lead you guys astray by giving you a list as I have no idea if you will have the same texts or something different or more updated. in general- the most crucial reading is going to be your assessment class. In the meantime: try to enjoy your freedom and make the most of it....
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    You will get the list of textbooks at your orientation in May. I'd wait until then to see what you have to buy. Personally I'd read pathophysiology and the nursing fundamentals book. I would hold off on assessment. Dr Barkely (the instructor) for assessment has a method for teaching the class. he tells you in lecture what you "need to know" vs. what's "nice to know." That will make more sense in about 3 months. Good luck!