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Anyone applying for fall 2013? I saw recently that they changed something,but i cant exactly point out what it is. I think it might be the statistics prereq. They also have the applications due earlier than last year anyways,... Read More

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    Congrats to everyone who got in!!! Unfortunately, I decided to turn down my position and accept at another university. Hopefully someone else will be getting good news soon!

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    Good luck in your other program SMB13!
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    A friendly reminder:

    Per the Terms of Service, y'all may describe the group name but not provide a link to social networking sites.

    --- dianah
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    My friend and i both got an acceptance email yesterday.... What a happy Easter! Can't wait to meet everyone!!
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    Congratulations superfryk! I wonder how many spots are still open. This board and our Facebook group is pretty quiet haha.
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    ok- thanks to e_marie i was able to find the group on facebook. thanks a ton!
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    Hi, everyone!
    Congrats to the people who've gotten in to CSULA & other institutions!
    I'm wondering if there's anyone out there in a similar position as a friend and I are...
    If I get into CSULA, I would be transferring from SFSU. I applied for the Basic Program, and I haven't received an acceptance, waitlist, OR rejection email or phone call or letter.... All I know is that my application to CSULA the school (not nursing) isn't finalized (according to admissions)... So I still don't know if I'll be accepted as a nursing major OR my secondary major...
    If anyone can help or have any advice, let me know! Thanks
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    Hey luxue!
    That sounds so frustrating.
    If I was you I would just be calling the school and the department to see what the status is, but maybe you are already doing that...
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    Hi all, congratulations all those in ELMN Cohort 10. My name is Michelle and I'll be joining you guys too..
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    Does anyone know how strict their grade cut offs are? for example, if they said they wanted "B" for science classes but my class at UC Berkeley for anatomy was split into two classes for lecture and lab..and if I got a B+ and C should I even bother applying since they wanted at least a B in my science classes? also do they average my split lecture/lab grades?

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