CSUF EL-MSN 2013 - page 4

Any fellow applicants to Cal State Fullerton's EL-MSN program for Fall 2013? I wasn't able to find any topics started for 2013, so I thought I would get one rolling... It would be nice to hear from some of you as we wait... Read More

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    I also withdrew my acceptance so hopefully someone else gets my spot too! Good luck to everyone!

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    I got in!!!!! I'm so scared now lol
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    I just took the HESI and am applying for the EL-BSN since the EL-MSN is no longer offered. How did you all do on the HESI when you took it?? Any tips for a new applicant? Also, for those of you who did not accept their offer to the program I was just curious what your reasoning was?
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    I was accepted to the ABSN for Fall 2014, and I was wondering if anyone had any feedback, or tips, about the program?

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