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Any fellow applicants to Cal State Fullerton's EL-MSN program for Fall 2013? I wasn't able to find any topics started for 2013, so I thought I would get one rolling... It would be nice to hear from... Read More

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    Just curious if those who have accepted admission to csuf....if you get accepted to another choice in the next couple months and decide to go with that school, do you plan on letting csuf know right away?
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    @beatitti131 & @raminajulia So sorry.. I haven't checked this forum in a while! Congrats on both of your acceptances!
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    Hi there sorry I'm being totally nosey but I did notice a good number of you decided to go with other schools....are you going to notify csuf. Guess I'm just nervous since I'm an alternate and received an email that they will only accept alternates now up until the first week of June. Wish they would release where I am on the list Congrats to those of you who got into your dream schools
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    I just emailed to withdraw my acceptance. I hope this will open up another spot for someone on the alternate list!
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    I also withdrew my acceptance so hopefully someone else gets my spot too! Good luck to everyone!
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    I got in!!!!! I'm so scared now lol
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    I just took the HESI and am applying for the EL-BSN since the EL-MSN is no longer offered. How did you all do on the HESI when you took it?? Any tips for a new applicant? Also, for those of you who did not accept their offer to the program I was just curious what your reasoning was?
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    I was accepted to the ABSN for Fall 2014, and I was wondering if anyone had any feedback, or tips, about the program?
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    Hi anilos81,
    I'm a prospective ABSN student interviewing next week. As you know, the appointment is supposed to last 3 hours I was wondering if you could share a little bit about what kinds of activities/interviews take up all that time, haha? Thank you! Hope to be a fellow Titan with you soon
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    Omigosh I don't know why I did not receive notifications for these posts! I'm so sorry. Let me know if you still have questions! Did you get in?