CSU San Marcos ABSN Fall 2013

  1. Hi fellow pre-nursing students!

    I'd like to start a thread to those applying or have already applied to the ABSN program for Fall 2013 (Temecula/San Marcos locations)

    I personally have not applied yet. I still have Anatomy and Microbiology in progress this Spring semester and will be completing Physiology during Summer. I'd like to apply soon, but quite hesitant since I still have quite a number of courses IP.

    I will be contacting an advisor within this week and will definitely update this thread with further information. It might be too early to say, but good luck to all of us!
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  3. by   lyndseyhath
    i was planning to apply to fall '13 as well but already planned a trip to Europe for Sep 1st so i think im going to wait until spring '13, already got my application in though. You can apply whenever you want and just wait to send in your transcripts!
  4. by   ehlehnah
    I'm applying as well for the fall 2013 intake. I'm kinda worried about my grades since I have a 3.55 in my nursing prerequisite and a 3.41 in my last 60 units. My TEAS is helping me out but I've been hearing that its really hard for people to get a mid-80's.
  5. by   samist
    I just applied. I have several courses IP, and my last 60 credits aren't that great but I'm taking a full semester now. I hope that counts for something.
  6. by   3shaaa
    We don't need to take TEAS until we are accepted, right?
  7. by   ehlehnah
    From what I know, you need to have your TEAS submitted before you get evaluated. That's what happened to a classmate of mine and they have been emailing her a few times about it.
  8. by   ehlehnah
    Did anyone get an evaluation from the counselor in regards to if they have to retake the TEAS or get a better grade on a pre-requisites? It seems like it varies who gets into the program.
  9. by   KMLSanDiego
    Does anyone know what the hours are like for the first semester classes? I understand it's 3 night classes, but I'm wondering about the specific hours (gotta start planning...).
  10. by   ehlehnah
    @kellysd have you already gotten in? I thought they were online but I may have heard wrong.
  11. by   KMLSanDiego
    No, I'll be applying for Spring 14, just curious. Online would be interesting/great.
  12. by   ehlehnah
    Quote from kellysd
    No, I'll be applying for Spring 14, just curious. Online would be interesting/great.
    I was looking into rolling over for the spring since I don't want to do the commute from SD to there or move to Temecula. Eh. Maybe its best to just go when you get in instead of risking for another semester?
  13. by   cp0710
    hello all,
    I just got an email yesterday saying I was admitted!! I am sooo very excited. I have been applying to nursing schools for 3 years and this is my first acceptance! For anyone else who got in, congrats, and I cannot wait to meet all of you!
  14. by   3shaaa
    Congratulations!!! Are you starting this Fall 2013 in Temecula? When does it start? Is it too late to apply? I'm still about to make physiology this summer.