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Hello, I thought I'd make this thread for the new application group... even though it's a bit late since we have to all apply soon! Anyway! I want to apply for the Fall 2012 term but I had... Read More

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    Oh I see. So is that why they don't include it as a pre-req anymore?

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    I guess they give leeway to everyone so that they can finish some classes later. But it is still required to be finished before end of spring.
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    Ugh I wish it was an actual pre req though. It would cut applicants
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    Lol you are right but it's not practical to require all classes be competed at the time of applying.. I am completely done but for many people it is difficult to enroll in classes and this leniancy allows them to apply while not being completely done with all classes.
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    Well I guess, but they let a lot of stuff be in progress.I mean, ether move the app date or allow no courses in progress. Many schools won't allow most classes in progress at time of application
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    I think it's pretty fair. But it could be viewed as a bit harder since other schools are not specific about what classes could be in progress rather they allow any prereq to be in progress.
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    TrueBut all in all I want to be accepted!
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    Haha yeah and so does everyone else. If you made a serious effort your effort will hopefully be rewarded!
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    Ha ha I made a serious effort. I'm just hoping it is going to pay off.
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    I also wish microbiology was taken into consideration for our acceptance. It was one of the harder sciences for me, and has a bad stigma at my school (Csulb). But I worked my butt off and BARELY got an A. barely as I mean if I got one more question wrong on a test or quiz I would have gotten a B. It's definitely a challenging course and would affect the pool of applicants altogether. To me, moreso than chem!
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