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Hello, I thought I'd make this thread for the new application group... even though it's a bit late since we have to all apply soon! Anyway! I want to apply for the Fall 2012 term but I had some questions. I am an current... Read More

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    Well I am sure it'll be ok as long as your school is a legit school, not one of those private schools with bogus degrees. Another reason they might not take it is because it was out of state.Just curious are you a resident of California? Idk if that was a requirement to apply but I think they mentioned something about it. Hopefully things work out for the best.

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    I took the classes at an accredited community college and have done all I can do, so it's out of my hands now. I am a CA resident too. Born and raised in LA, but I lived in another state for a few years. I've been back in CA almost 4 years.
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    Yeah I am guessing you'll be fine And you have good grades too.Anyone know of the least points taken? Just curious so anyone else applying can get a feeling about how they stand.
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    I heard the lowest off the standby was 19 and the lowest accepted (according to this website) is 22. So let's say 20 is cutoff. 20 sounds like a good cutoff because that is 2/3 of the points. That is sadly like 66% so you want to aim higher than that. Which if I am correct, we all did. Although it may not seem like a lot of people are posting, the closer to finding out, the more people will post. It's astounding how people will just read but not contribute until the last possible minute. You will get random people who declare they are in once the time comes. It is the internet so who knows? It's all speculation. Until late April, we won't find out for sure. Anyone here currently attending CSULA? I'm a transfer. I'm wondering if they only offered micro in spring again and the average grade was a c-. That set a lot of people out of competition because they failed micro and that is disqualifying until they remake it. Most CCs are on a semester system so it would be hard to remake it somewhere else. If so, that had a lot of influence last cohort. If it happens again, us transfers might be in the lead.
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    Yeah I am a transfer as well. I wonder how many people are going to be accepted in total. Yeah I heard 19 was wait list and 22 was lowest accepted. But these numbers probably change every year. CSULA is the only school I want to attend. After the next couple posts I'll put up my stats up aswell but I am still in bed. lol
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    ha ha ha! i know my friend just called me and woke me up! i just worked a 12 hour shift and wanted to sleep an extra hour but oh well! i dont go back to work until thurs so its cool!

    as for 19 points and 22 points. i believe those were that low because of the issue with the microbio class. *hopefully* that is the same issue this time and we all get in. i think its also safe to say that 20 points and above puts you at good odds.
    now you all have like 25+ points right? i barely have about 23....looks like i am in the lower competitive end this year. i have been waiting for over 2 years to get into a program where my hardwork is finally paying off. i want to start nursing and clinicals and ugh! i hate this wait phase. hopefully we find out sooner. i wondering, do you guys know by any chance how we are supposed to hear from them regarding acceptance denial?

    oh duh! we put in those envelopes so they can send them back! whew! gosh, then that means it will come through snail mail. wonderful.

    ok well if anyone gets anymore news post it up
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    Yes acceptance letters are given out via mail.. I am not at home right now either so when I do I will post my stats. Yeah I read almost all of last years forum and the microbio issue was unfortunate. Hopefully they resolved the issue since from what I read it was somewhat unfair.
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    It is unfair but crap happens and hopefully it was resolved even though it boosts us up lolFall 2010 seemed around 20 points cutoff as well
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    What was the microbio issue? Lol snail mail, clever!
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    The class was supposedly being taught at a graduate level and not many people passed. Could be an exaggeration... We don't know for sure.

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