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Hello, I thought I'd make this thread for the new application group... even though it's a bit late since we have to all apply soon! Anyway! I want to apply for the Fall 2012 term but I had some questions. I am an current... Read More

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    I wouldn't rely so much on last years stats.. this year will be different with the whole service area thing. If someone with a 19 lived closer in the area they would probably take them over a person with a 20 who is a transfer student. Just my guess.

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    @kosmic2003 well like i said, i heard it from a friend. But she went to the nursing department today and talked to ------.
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    Ahhhh, kk
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    So in conclusion...I am SOL

    Ok well I already know that.
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    Spiffyness, I believe you are giving out false information.

    Service area only affects acceptance into the University, but has no effect on your acceptance into the SON as they give seats based strictly off points. If someone out of area were accepted into the school, and they were up against someone from the area who also got accepted, it would come down to who has more points to determine admission in the SON.

    Sirena, congrats! I too have this problem for CSUSB. It says I am on a wait list since i am out of the area. I am almost certain that if you have good grades you will be given priority on the wait list like you probably had.

    I have a couple concerns, maybe someone could shed some light.

    So deadline to accept into the school is May 1. but we might not get letters before that. I do not want to run into problems as CSULA is my first choice. So what are we to do?

    I logged into GET and saw that I had a hold. It reads hold item - admissions. and when i open it it reads reason: Documentation required. Does that simply mean I must give a formal acceptance by paying the deposit before May 1? Anyone else see this?

    I have already been accepted into the school. and I have already turned in my final transcripts as fall was my last semester.
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    You will get your letters before May 1st so do not fret!

    Anyway, they are just reminding you that transcipts for spring grades are due and that you are on hold. All of us transfers are only CONDITIONALLY accepted pending spring grades (failing a 'golden four' class, not turning in transcripts etc). So that hold will be removed once you turn your spring grades in.

    Honestly, I would not worry about the university, if you get accepted to the program, which you will, then admissions will just admit you anyway.

    Just do not forget to turn in those grades!
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    Do you too have that hold? Does anyone have this hold?

    I shouldn't have a hold if that is the reason since I am not taking any classes this semester.

    I did not report that I plan on taking nor am taking any units this semester.

    and tiger07 wrote "I spoke with ----- in the nursing dpt today and he said we should expect acceptance letters to the program around May."
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    Ahhhhh, acceptance letters are almost out. This is so nerve racking lol.
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    @kosmic Refer to my post on page 19 very first post. Click the link. It takes you to last year's page wher you said you were accepted for fall 2011.... What happened to your acceptance?And does anyone have the hold I mentioned?
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    I had some major personal issues i had to care of so i had to sit out for fall 2011. As for the hold , i nrver ecprrienced that before

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