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Hello, I thought I'd make this thread for the new application group... even though it's a bit late since we have to all apply soon! Anyway! I want to apply for the Fall 2012 term but I had some questions. I am an current... Read More

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    @Azhan Ooh I see! Then I think you have a better chance than us non-service area applicants. I too applied to CSULB and CSUSB. Did you get an interview invite for CSULB? I know for SB we don't find out if we're accepted till July. By then I probably will have made my choice, it was more of a super back up haha. Is CSULA your first choice?

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    @Spiffyness haha no. csula isn't my first choice, but if i am accepted then most likely i will go there. I highly doubt UCLA or CSULB are going to accept me, so CSULA is my 3rd choice haha. I didn't get any invite from CSULB, which probably means i've been rejected already. haha. CSUSB and CSUB are mainly backups for me too. haha
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    @Azhan You made me laugh at how many times you said 'haha' LOL. Anyway if you were to go to UCLA I think you'd need to continue taking more Pre-reqs. They require more than CSU's do, which is why I didn't apply. Youll probably get into Csula. Not sure how competitive you are for the CSUSB pool but since they let people know so late about admissions most people already make a decision by then.
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    Glad to know I amuse you. honestly um not expecting to get into ucla or lb, but it be nice to know where I stand in terms to admissions. My biggest hope is csula.
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    Have no fear! Your grades are solid. You will be fine!
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    haha really? Thanks. Hope you guys get in too!
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    Hey y'all. So I got accepted to the school, and now waiting to hear from the program.
    I'm a bit low on points. 18, I think so fingers crossed? =( =(
    Oh, and to whoever wrote this . . . Up until I got the email I got accepted to the school, my GET said "incomplete" and the admissions people said the school is impacted, blah blah. Locals get priority. I'm from Burbank. Lol. So I don't know if that applied to me or not.
    Anyway, good luck to everyone!
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    Good job for getting into the school
    My points are around 19 or 18 points. Its ok. This applicant pool seems really competitive this year for CSULA and as well as the other schools. I surprisingly got an interview for CSULB so I am really hoping that I get in there!
    Oh well. It is so competitive that I dont care where I get in at this rate, but my top choice is CSULB.
    Fingers crossed for all of you guys! I hope you all make it in!
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    Good luck, dear! Yeah. . . I got a real bad reality check with TEAS' reading portion.
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    Yea it was pretty BS. No lie!
    I mean come on they would ask what is the summary for the paragraph and all the choices said the exact same thing! I just did eeny-meany-miny-moe! lol
    the second half of reading was completely easy though.

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