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Hey everyone! I know this is so far away but I wanted to start a thread for the crazy pre nursing students like myself who are already totally anxious for this next spring to come around! All who are applying to CSU'S for FALL 13... Read More

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    I also got the same e-mail. I guess they just want to keep us on the edge of our seats

    Scwolf, did you try checking your CSU EB e-mail? It might be there.

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    I did check my CSU inbox. Hm. I emailed them but haven't heard back. I hate to bother them. They must be inundated right now!
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    Any updates from anyone?
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    I wish !!! From reading previous posts I've seen April 18th was the date !!!
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    Sonoma State sent out notifications last week. Not a peep from other CSUs, I guess.
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    Does anyone know if we get extra time beyond May 1st to make our final decision where to attend, in the case that you are accepted to more than one school? It doesn't make sense that all the schools get back to us in late April and require an intent to enroll May 1st.

    I've applied to Sacramento State, SFSU, and CSU East Bay.
    Perhaps the school of nursing has a later deadline than the university intent to enroll deadline?
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    I currently attend CSUEB as a pre-nursing student and I talked to someone from the Nursing Department. Lara told me that they received over 917 applications this year and we will not know until late May. CSUEB might be one of the last to notify us of our admission. I hope this helps!
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    900+ applications?! *faints* xD
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    Late May !!!!! The waiting continues !!!!
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    I was hoping next week we would get a response

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