Csu fall 2013 hopefuls

  1. Hey everyone! I know this is so far away but I wanted to start a thread for the crazy pre nursing students like myself who are already totally anxious for this next spring to come around! All who are applying to CSU'S for FALL 13 admissions lets start a convo! This way we can use it as a resource for application and other deadlines and a support system while we await are letters! How are everyones stats? Where are you all applying to? Have any of you taken the TEAS yet? Ill start...

    cum GPA-3.98
    pre reques-4.0 (Still need to take Microbio)
    TEAS-havent taken it yet
    over a year of pain healthcare work with direct patient care(clinical medical assistant)
    multi cultural experience in brazil and nicaragua
    2 semesters of ASL(does that count as proficient???)
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  3. by   scwolf
    Yikes, Achase,

    I think you scared everyone away. You sound like an awesome candidate. I expect you'll get in wherever you like. I am applying to the same schools, except instead of USF, I'm going for the UCSF MEPN program. My stats go something like this...
    Cum GPA 3.6
    Pre-reqs 3.88 (Darn that B in Chem!)
    I have a B.A. already in Bio - from a looong time ago
    TEAS - 94
    I have 100+ volunteer hours at a general health clinic and some in-home caregiving paid work experience.
    I speak Spanish. I'm guessing you do, too.

    Any other CSU candidates out there who want to help each other along the process?
  4. by   Nurseinthemaking20
    Hey guys I should be applying for fall 2013 as well. I'm pretty excited but also worried that I won't make the cut. I should have a 3.86 in my nursing prereq's also (I got a B in Chem too!) and I should be getting 6 of the extra points. I havnt taken the TEAS yet. Anybody have any study pointers for studying for that? Especially the science section??
  5. by   Nurseinthemaking20
    Scwolf, how did you go about studying or the TEAS if you don't mind me asking. That is such a good score!
  6. by   Themary89
    Hey everyone,

    I am applying for Fall 2013 to SFSU, SJSU, CSUEB, Seattle University, and Dominican University, but I'm not sure if i'll even stand a chance. Here are my stats:

    Cumulative GPA: 3.72
    Prerequisite GPA: 3.64-ish? might be higher...
    100+ hours of volunteering in an ER (with direct patient care)
    EMT-B certified and nationally registered.
    TEAS: 80% (advanced)...didn't have that much time to study...
    Foreign Language proficient (Spanish)
    Multicultural experience working with at-risk/disadvantaged youth.

    I determined that my impaction score cuttoff for SJSU's program is 10.59, and am hoping that I make the cut!!!

    Any thoughts, please? I'm going crazy over here!

  7. by   te1990na

    I keep hearing that people are applying to any California state university for fall 2013. I have been trying to apply, but in the website, it says the application period is from january 15 till february 15. Am I missing something? I need to apply too....
  8. by   liz_hansen
    Hi everyone!
    I am applying to CSULB (my 1st choice), CSUS, and CSUChico.

    Prereqs/coreqs GPA (for Sac State): 3.94 (if they count my final grades of hopefully an A in my 1 science course and 1 nonscience course in progress)

    Major science prereqs: 4.0 (I have the one class in progress technicaly, does that get counted as a C?) If so, that puts it as a 3.6. That would be the case for us all then, right?

    Overall GPA: I can't exactly calculate it because I have over 90 units from 2 different schools, Somewhere between 3.7 and 3.85 I think.

    TEAS: 90%
    Volunteer hours: will hopefully have 100 hours by March, have only 20 ATM
    Nothing in terms of foreign language proficiency, financial difficulty, or multicultural experience.
  9. by   Nurseinthemaking20
    @liz_hansen: I don't think they count a class if it's in progress at the time of your application because they don't know what grade your going to get. So if your taking those classes in the spring and your applying for the fall those classes won't benefit or hurt your gpa. They will calculate your gpa on the prerequisites and corequisites you have already completed. So calculate your gpa on that. Sounds like you have some good stats! You should for sure get in. I have yet to take the Teas so I've been asking around for study pointers. You got an excellent score. Any advice u can offer me? Mainly as far as the science part?
  10. by   lailalovee
    Hi everyone

    I am a nursing student as well. Right now I am finishing up my pre req. I am currently taking anatomy, im pretty sure i will end up getting a B in the class. I have yet to take physio and micro. my gpa is currently 3.0 and science gpa is 3.0. I would have to pass micro bio and physio with A's in order to have a really good chance to get into a nursing program right?

    Beside school i am currently a UCLA Care Extender (Volunteer) and also a Certified Nursing Assistant. I am currently looking for a job as that since i recently passed the state exam. Though i am also looking into taking pharmacy tech course (but not sure since i am a full time student)

    I would like to hear some feedback from you all. Any tips, suggestions are welcome. P.s. I am in a community college looking to transfer to Mount Saint Mary's, Cal State L.A., Long Beach, Northridge or Bakersfield.

    I have a question. I know for community college (some) offer 2 year RN programs but you get an associates degree rather than a BSN. They usually have a waiting list to get into the nursing program. Is it the same (the waiting list) for Universities? And let say someone applies to a university and they don't get in, are they put in a waiting list or would they have to apply again next year or semester?
  11. by   scwolf
    Hi Nurseinthemaking20,

    Gosh, I'm so sorry. I lost track of this thread! (And just re-discovered it.) I guess I need to figure out how to get updates to alert me. Hm. Anyway, I'm guessing you've long since taken your TEAS and I hope you got a great score. If you still had studying questions I'd be happy to answer them.

    Do you know how to get alerts for allnurses updates?

    Good luck with your apps. Maybe we'll end up in the same cohort.
  12. by   Nurseinthemaking20
    Hey scwolf, nice to hear back from you. If you want to be notified of alerts all you have to do is subscribe to this thread and it says u will be notified by email whenever the thread is updated. Anyways yes I did take the teas, and I did alright, but not as well as I wanted to. I'm getting in the 90's in all the subjects but science and that is dragging my score down! I studied the science section of the ati manual in and out and took the practice tests in there and the McGraw hill practice tests. I felt like yes, some of what I studied from the ati manual helped me, but so much of the science section was so random I feel like. A lot of it wasn't in the manual. I'm going to use my score sheet and study what it tells me I need to but not sure if that will even help. I'm scheduled to take it for my last chance to better my score in two weeks so any advice u might have on the science section would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  13. by   rafaeia
    Hi guys I am applying to CSU East bay, Sac state (first choice) and SJSU! You have to stay on top of deadlines, that's for sure 'cause each school is a bit different.

    My stats are: 3.8x prereq GPA (varies for each school) overall: 3.6x
    TEAS: 92%

    Going to take the writing skills test for SJSU on Feb soon, since it's required to apply in the program. Tried to email Sac state's foreign language department for an interview for the extra points, but they didn't reply yet. Anyone know what to do in regards for the foreign language part at Sac state?
  14. by   scwolf
    Hi rafaeia,

    I was going to apply to Sac State too and it was one of my top choices, but then they closed the Traditional BSN to everyone who wasn't already a Sac state student. Are you a Sac State undergrad? Next they shut down the Accelerated BSN. I was really disappointed.

    I also emailed the foreign language department for an assessment. They got back to me after a long time, but by then the programs were already unavailable. A sad story. I hope you have better luck (like you are a Sac State student).

    Good luck with the other schools, though!