CSU Bakersfield Fall 2013 Hopefuls?

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    I am applying for entrance to CSUB this fall. Anyone else out there?

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    Hi Melanie-

    I am applying for their RN-BSN program for the summer/fall 2013. Are you applying for the regular BSN Program?
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    Hi! =)
    I applied to Bakersfield too!
    for their BSN program (not RN to BSN)
    NERVOUS! 8-/
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    I also did. CSU Bakersfield isnt my number 1 choice but ill take wherever I get in!!
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    Me too! I applied to only 3! :-(

    Fresno, and Bakersfield for their BSN programs. And COS in Visalia's ADN. :-/

    Now I'm wishing I would have applied to more! I'm going CRAZY MAD in the anticipation of knowing!!
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    Samantha- Have you sent in your application to Fresno yet?
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    Hi. I am applying for the regular BSN program. I saw that you messaged me, but I am unable to respond. I have to post more before they let me do that.
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    I am really nervous too! Bakersfield is the only place I have applied.
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    Yeah, I emailed it. I just mailed my TEAS results. 8-/
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    Mel- Do you live in Bakersfield? Is that why you applied there only? I live in Hanford. I was going to just apply at COS cause that's where I go now, but at the very last min I decided to apply to CSU's too.... haha!

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