Cope College CCE Volunteer Program - CPR?

  1. Hello, this is out of the question, i am new to this website. My name is Angelica and I have a question about the Cope's CCE volunteer program. I am majoring in nursing & i want to go right in BSN and transfer at a university. I'm currently working on my pre-reqs at Glendale Community College. I was wondering how do I get certified for CPR because it doesn't say its required on the website so I am not sure whether to go ahead and look for a CPR class. I really don't know how this works & Cope's CCE volunteer program involve the CPR class during training? I'm planning to apply and volunteer at their program in Glendale Adventist.
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    Anyone working in a healthcare facility must have CPR. I would call them to ask specifically here is the application process.Admission Process | COPE Health Solutions
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    I used to volunteer for the CCE program a few years back and I remember at my particular hospital they would give out information about where one could get CPR certified. I believe our hospital only accepted American Heart Association Health Care Provider CPR but I would email the manager or director of Recruitment and Training for the hospital you would like to apply at. If this is the case, you could look up the AHA's website for classes and training centers near you.