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Hello, is anyone planning on applying for Concordia's ABSN summer '13 program? Applications are due in just a few weeks! I am working on getting everything in my application ready to go and turned... Read More

  1. by   brittany1902
    I wonder if they sent them all out at once or if they are sending them out one by one? Hopefully in alphabetical order? I'm at the end of the alphabet! Does anyone know if they send out the letters, wait for the response and then send out more based on how many decline?
  2. by   matt831
    I just found out I was accepted today! I'm super excited! Brittany, I would guess that they will continue to respond based on how many decline. But I don't have any more info than anyone else. Does anyone know about what the online classes during the summer are like?
  3. by   beaee
    I also got accepted! I couldn't be happier and I can't wait to meet you all at orientation.
  4. by   bshoreladayy
    Hey Matt831, what group were you in? Congratulations guys, let's start a Facebook soon!
  5. by   SG12
    Quote from bshoreladayy
    Hey Matt831, what group were you in? Congratulations guys, let's start a Facebook soon!
    Yes! lets start one!
  6. by   beaee
    [COLOR=#003366]brittany1902 - No idea but my last name starts with an A if that helps.
  7. by   royalscrubs
    did you all receive an email at the same time?
  8. by   beaee
    I received mine yesterday at 3
  9. by   afractaluniverse
    Congrats everyone who got accepted! I received an acceptance email yesterday around 3 as well. It states I have until the 22nd to accept. Just as matt831 mentioned, I'm assuming as people decline, they'll be notifying others. Good luck to those still waiting!
  10. by   matt831
    Hey, I was in group h. nd yes let's get on fb! Has anyone found and good info from others who have graduated? I've only found a few comments from graduates describing their experience
  11. by   afractaluniverse
    matt831: I was only able to find a few comments from past students, mostly about the schedule--looks like our days will be pretty packed, with daily classes/skills lab and clinicals one day a week. I heard the online classes we have to take are pretty straightforward, but just require a lot of reading.I couldn't find any past posts about this, but I'm wondering whether graduates have had difficulties finding jobs upon graduation. Since this program is only 12 months, would employers think it's too rushed and prefer 4-year BSN nurses?
  12. by   SG12
    ok so I attempted to make a Facebook group. So if you would like to join, search for-

    Concordia University Irvine ABSN Summer 2013

    It's a "closed" group for more privacy so I will add you when I get the requests
  13. by   SG12
    You can also send me a private message on this site with your email and I can add you to the group that way too.