Concordia University Irvine ABSN Summer 2013 - page 4

Hello, is anyone planning on applying for Concordia's ABSN summer '13 program? Applications are due in just a few weeks! I am working on getting everything in my application ready to go and turned... Read More

  1. by   SG12
    Did I hear correct on Saturday...Concordia would be making their decisions by March 15? Anyone know how they let people know- letter, email, phone?
  2. by   aleong29
    Hi SG12! You were in my group on Saturday for the interview! They did say that decisions will be made by the 15th, but they didn't tell us how they would let us know. Perhaps decisions are made that day, and notifications might come a couple days later if they do inform us by mail. Hopefully we get it the same day if it comes by email. We'll have to wait until the 15th!
  3. by   SG12
    Thanks aleong29! It was nice meeting you on Saturday!
  4. by   ericdm24
    Dies anyone know how many interview sessions they are conducting? Last weekend, this weekend, any more? Thanks
  5. by   superfryk
    This is it. They are interviewing 83 people for 40 spots.
  6. by   jsuwan001
    My interview is tomorrow and I JUST found this forum. Lucky me. I'm super nervous and anxious and I hope to meet some of you tomorrow! Best of luck!
  7. by   brittany1902
    Saturday March 9th was the last interview. They were planning on interviewing 40 people - 5 didn't show up! They told us they are trying to have acceptance/denial letters sent to us by March 18th (snail mail) but they would also send an e-mail just in case your mailing address has recently changed! They also mentioned that if you are accepted, you have 5 days to give them your $500 deposit. How do you all feel about your interview and the interview process?
  8. by   aleong29
    brittany1902: thanks for all the info! I can't wait until the week is over! The interview made me nervous at first especially since it was so long! I got really comfortable with the faculty and my group members by the 3rd rotation. I was also starving at the end!
  9. by   klp123
    Good luck to everyone that interviewed! I am from cohort 10 and this site was really helpful for me during the application process! Hope you all hear good news
  10. by   beaee
    I cant wait until the week is over I interviewed on the 2nd and was told we would know by March 15. This is my first choice school, my second time applying (first time i didn't even get an interview), and I just can't wait! and if that doesn't work I'll re-apply again for Fall i guess.....
  11. by   SG12
    Just got an acceptance email!!! I'm so excited and cant wait to meet everyone!
  12. by   aleong29
    Congrats SG12! I'm excited to hear they're sending out notifications ahead of schedule!
  13. by   bshoreladayy
    Congrats SG12! I also got the e-mail and couldn't be happier, I look forward to meeting you!