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Hello, is anyone planning on applying for Concordia's ABSN summer '13 program? Applications are due in just a few weeks! I am working on getting everything in my application ready to go and turned... Read More

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    Hey guys! I also received the email with the interview invitation for March 2nd! Just hang tight EhKim86..I wish you the best of luck!
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    I got the invite today as well.... EhKim86- I was a 2.8 in 1996 when i got my bachelors from the Claremont Colleges, but i have been a 4.0 since returning to school in 2011 to do my prereqs. re: Western I didnt do the RN-MSN route but the entry level route. I have a bachelors in English Lit and worked in Advertising for the last 9 years prior to changing course with my life. I didnt feel great about my interview with MSM but I guess I did ok. I walked out of Western feeling pretty strong, so,,, we'll see. I am also interviewing at CSULA the day before the Concordia one. I have a LO as well, so I understand the additional considerations with regards to those decisions. I will admit I did apply almost everywhere though.
    The more practice I have the better I think I do. I would totally suggest practicing interviewing with friends- or even better- someone you're not OVERLY comfortable with - so you can be a little bit uncomfortable and work through it. I will say it was 2:1 for Western but they really made you feel comfortable- i felt like I gave you the opportunity to show them who you really are. Practice things like: why do you want to be a nurse? what qualities do you think are important in a nurse? describe a difficult situation and how you handled it? from the forums I have read those seem to be the core similarities- then they have their own particular questions they think are important for their program.
    Good luck to everyone!! I hope all on this thread kick butt and maybe one day we will all be class mates.
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    Does anyone have any classes pending? I think that's the only thing counting against me. It's stats so at least it's not one of the core sciences, but I hope I get an email invite on Monday!!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed and praying.
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    Hi guys! I also got an invitation for an interview for March 2nd. I'm excited to meet everyone! For those who are still waiting for a response from CUI, hang in there!!

    As for me, I received my invitation for an interview via email on Feb 22nd. I was an Economics major during undergrad with a 3.3 GPA. All of my prereqs I received an A in except for general psych. I have one year clinical experience with an internship with direct patient care. Besides that, I have no other clinical experience. I also had no classes pending when I submitted my application package.

    Good luck to everyone applying!
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    Does anyone have insight as to what the interview process looks like?? (Ie: I don't know how many people they have invited to interview but it seems there will be a group of us march 2.... Are we all together? Or will it be a presentation then breaking us down into smaller groups? Orrrr???)
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    Hi everyone! Congratulations to all of you who will be interviewing this Saturday I just received my invite today to interview on Saturday, March 9th, I can't contain any of my feelings at the moment, I'm just so thankful! So if you didn't get an invite for the first interview be on the look out for the March 9th invite. Goodluck to everyone and I look forward to meeting all of you soon!
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    I received a interview for march 9th as well! I've been getting interviews to all the places I've applied. Hopefully one of the schools will choose me ( cross my fingers ) good luck everyone!
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    I'm also wondering what the interview process would be like as well (ie: do they break us down into smaller groups, and how many people per group?)
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    where is everyone coming from?? i will be heading down from south pasadena if anyone is interested in carpooling from the LA area..... good luck everyone!
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    I'm coming from Torrance, the Southbay area if anyone is interested in carpooling as well!
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    Hey guys, I look forward to meeting all of you interviewing tomorrow morning bright and early!
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    Rest up for those going next week. You are actually looking at 5 full hours of interviewing! There were just over 40 people today- broken into groups of 6 or 7. Each group would interview with 2 faculty for 45 minutes. Then on to next session. There were 6 sessions in all with one 10 minute break in the middle.
    Everyone was extremely friendly and it DID go by rather quickly considering. Just get plenty of sleep the night before and eat a good breakfast. Good luck to all!!
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    Good luck to everyone who is interviewing on the 9th!