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Hello, is anyone planning on applying for Concordia's ABSN summer '13 program? Applications are due in just a few weeks! I am working on getting everything in my application ready to go and turned in as soon as possible.... Read More

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    Hi everyone! I just got an invitation for an interview on March 2nd. Good luck to everyone!

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    Me too!! See you March 2nd!
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    Oh my goodness did you receive an invitation via email or phone or USPS SG12 and aleong29? I thought they weren't extending interview invites until the 3rd week of March! I'm soooo beyond nervous now. I hope I get invited for an interview. This was the only program I applied to! Aleong29 and SG12, what is your background/experience/GPA if you don't mind posting?
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    Oops sorry SG12 you already posted. My undergrad GPA is a 3.25 (majored in Communications) with my prereq GPA almost a 4.0. I also volunteer at my local hospital but realized after I turned in the app that I forgot to write anything about that in the essay, DOH! Other than volunteering, I have no other experience or formal training. Biting my nails over here! Wow, superfryk, you must have a great GPA and experience to get invited to interviews to both those programs! I was going to apply to MSMC but decided against it because of the commute since I have a LO and backed out of applying to Western last minute because it's an RN --> MSN and not a BSN --> MSN. How do you feel about the interviews for Western and MSMC? I'm surprised there aren't more people replying to this thread!
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    They sent out the invitation via email. I thought interviews was going to be later as well, but apparently not! Keep checking your email! I have a bachelors in health science with an option in community health education. My GPA was around 3.4 and my GPA after undergraduate degree is 4.0. Good luck!
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    Aleong29, I hope they don't wait over the weekend to send out more invites!!! I don't know if I can wait in limbo for that long.
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    Hey guys! I also received the email with the interview invitation for March 2nd! Just hang tight EhKim86..I wish you the best of luck!
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    I got the invite today as well.... EhKim86- I was a 2.8 in 1996 when i got my bachelors from the Claremont Colleges, but i have been a 4.0 since returning to school in 2011 to do my prereqs. re: Western I didnt do the RN-MSN route but the entry level route. I have a bachelors in English Lit and worked in Advertising for the last 9 years prior to changing course with my life. I didnt feel great about my interview with MSM but I guess I did ok. I walked out of Western feeling pretty strong, so,,, we'll see. I am also interviewing at CSULA the day before the Concordia one. I have a LO as well, so I understand the additional considerations with regards to those decisions. I will admit I did apply almost everywhere though.
    The more practice I have the better I think I do. I would totally suggest practicing interviewing with friends- or even better- someone you're not OVERLY comfortable with - so you can be a little bit uncomfortable and work through it. I will say it was 2:1 for Western but they really made you feel comfortable- i felt like I gave you the opportunity to show them who you really are. Practice things like: why do you want to be a nurse? what qualities do you think are important in a nurse? describe a difficult situation and how you handled it? from the forums I have read those seem to be the core similarities- then they have their own particular questions they think are important for their program.
    Good luck to everyone!! I hope all on this thread kick butt and maybe one day we will all be class mates.
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    Does anyone have any classes pending? I think that's the only thing counting against me. It's stats so at least it's not one of the core sciences, but I hope I get an email invite on Monday!!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed and praying.
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    Hi guys! I also got an invitation for an interview for March 2nd. I'm excited to meet everyone! For those who are still waiting for a response from CUI, hang in there!!

    As for me, I received my invitation for an interview via email on Feb 22nd. I was an Economics major during undergrad with a 3.3 GPA. All of my prereqs I received an A in except for general psych. I have one year clinical experience with an internship with direct patient care. Besides that, I have no other clinical experience. I also had no classes pending when I submitted my application package.

    Good luck to everyone applying!

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