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  1. Hey Everyone!

    I applied to College of Marin's nursing program for Fall '13. Applicants should be notified somewhere between the middle and the end of April. So any minute now! Has anyone else applied here?
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  3. by   lmcat
    I also applied and wondering if I haven't heard yet because I didn't get chosen or because they haven't sent out any letters to anyone. Will we hear via email? Please post if you hear anything! And good luck
  4. by   CaliGirl4526
    Hi! Yes, they will be notifying us via email, and I'm hoping it's sometime this week. They do have until the end if the month though. Good luck!
  5. by   CaliGirl4526
    I got accepted!!! TEAS test is on the 9th of May! Super excited!
  6. by   jprevelli
    Congrats! Do you mind telling me what lottery number you got? Or what the email was? I am 65/157 and it is so frustrating! Grats to you though!
  7. by   lmcat
    Congrats, CaliGirl4526! What was your number?

    JPrevelli - I'm confused because in the letter I received, I also got 65/157! But I was invited to take the TEAS so I don't know what it means. I think they only take 37...
  8. by   lmcat
    OK, so I decided to do some deep breathing and read my letter completely. Anyone whose number is under 100 is invited to sit for the TEAS test. This doesn't mean you are going to be accepted, unless your number is 36 or under and you have already taken the TEAS. Of course, the lower your number, the better chance you have since you will probably do well on the TEAS and get in.

    I'm still confused, though, as to why jprevelli and I received the same number??

    The waiting continues... *sigh*
  9. by   jprevelli
    Wait, really? So what does that mean? I'm under the assumption that the lottery numbers 36 and under are basically set and they just need to pass the required ATI TEAS Test %. So how does this work now? -_- So confusing
  10. by   CaliGirl4526
    Hey You Guys,

    I was number 6 out of 157! The impression that I got was that anyone with a number under 100 will be invited to take the TEAS. From there, you have to assume some will not pass, which will weed out a few. Plus, out of the 100, there will be some that won't accept. Also, in addition to the 36 they do accept right away, I think they put another 10 on a wait list until the school's notified if they'll be receiving extra funding. So, it would seem that taking the TEAS is probably not a bad idea. After the TEAS results are processed, they'll let us know where we stand via email by June 1st.

    It is very strange that you both received the same number! I would call Ms. Rinaldi if you have more questions. She's pretty helpful.

    One last thing, did you guys apply to any other schools?

  11. by   jprevelli
    Might just be me, but it seems unlikely that out of 36, that the number will go all the way up to 65 -_-. Just my pessimistic side showing. Maybe you have thoughts on that. I also applied to ccsf, csueb, and sfsu. Nothing yet, although CCSF was disappointing as well because I was high up in the 300's. Where else have you applied?

    Also just curious--if you would so answer, did your email say that "This letter just servers to inform you" or, really a congratulating entrance email?
  12. by   CaliGirl4526
    It does seem unlikely, but I'm trying to be positive! Last year at the other school I applied to, they moved through people extremely fast. They ended up calling people not even on the alternative list. You just never know. Either way though, you have take your TEAS anyway, right?!

    This is my second year trying to get into SRJC. I haven't heard from them yet, but if I do get accepted, I'm planning to take that spot instead. I did all my pre-reqs there, and it's close to where I live.

    My email was just them informing me of my number. I think everyone got the same email, with their own info obviously, but I think once people take their TEAS and they send out that email on June 1st, it will probably be more congratulatory.

    I hope you get in somewhere!
  13. by   lmcat
    Yeah, I'm trying to stay positive, too. 65 isn't terrible - it could be worse. We have a chance! You have to figure that some folks will be accepted elsewhere and some will drop out for other reasons. I heard that SFSU that they went up pretty high last year in their wait list. Since all the schools are impacted, people are applying to a lot of places, so hopefully that opens things up a bit.

    I applied to CCSF, SFSU, and COM. CCSF posted their lottery results in early March and I was in the 200s. I heard SFSU sent out letters to wait-listed folks, so I'm guessing they also sent their letters of acceptance. I haven't heard anything yet.

    Good luck, Caligirl, on getting into SRJC! I know we will all land where we should.
  14. by   CaliGirl4526
    Good luck to you too, Imcat!! Keep us posted on where you get in. Oh, and are you planning to take the TEAS on the 9th??