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CNI College now opening RN program

  1. 2 Got a call from a rep from CNI asking me to consider signing up for there new RN program. The cost= a little over $52k and they do not accept outside prereqs. Really? This school, in my opinion, is worst than WCU when it comes to cost because atleast at WCU, you can transfer your prereqs in. So tired of all of these schools for profit. This school is in Orange County.
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    hi can you send me your email i have question regarding CNI
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    The thing is with CNI is that they are not accredited with the WASC (regional accredidation). so if you wanted to go from ADN to BSN your options will be severely limited.. and considering that most places now a days are prefering BSN grads over ADN grads youll have a heck of a time getting a job.

    They are just trying to get into the game of cashing out on desperate peopel who want to become RN's

    I am going to WCU, mainly because my GPA isnt high enough to go into other programs and WCU is WASC accredited.. and ill be getting my BSN
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    Quote from MusicEMT
    The thing is with CNI is that they are not accredited with the WASC (regional accredidation). so if you wanted to go from ADN to BSN your options will be severely limited.. and considering that most places now a days are prefering BSN grads over ADN grads youll have a heck of a time getting a job.

    They are just trying to get into the game of cashing out on desperate peopel who want to become RN's

    I am going to WCU, mainly because my GPA isnt high enough to go into other programs and WCU is WASC accredited.. and ill be getting my BSN
    You are correct they are not WASC accredited but, there are tons of programs that will accept non-accredited (WASC) programs. For instance the school that you will be attending will allow you to attain your bsn there and not have to retake those classes again. Also, Western Governors and Univ. of Phoenix.
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    Hi guys! I am starting at WCU this upcoming April. My cousin told me about the CNI ADN program. I was looking into it, but can confirm that CNI is not WASC accredited. Though there are some schools that do accept non accredited programs, it is limited. I chose to go to WCU because it is a 3 year BSN program. It's true that most employers now would rather hire BSN over ADN. West Coast University IS very pricey, price tag of 136,000 is no joke. I've done a lot of thinking, calculating, and comparing. Say you decide to go to CNI, the program is approx 25 months long (I spoke with one of the school's reps) and graduate with your ADN (assuming that you passed the entrance exam required and you are accepted by the dean of the school) you would want to go back for your bachelors or masters, which is another 20-25 months. IF you're able to find a school that will take you in for the BSN or MSN (because CNI is NOT WASC accredited) then you're looking to pay around 15k. So in total you'd be in school for 2 years at CNI, then after graduation, boards, and finding a job, you go back to school for another 2 years. That's 4-5 years to get your BSN and you're about 75k-80k in debt. At WCU, you'd graduate with your BSN in 3.25 years, they accept all students that have a high school diploma or GED and pass their entrance exam, your seat for the program is GUARANTEED and you can get financial aid like any other schools. I am getting some FAFSA, but will be taking out a 56k loan for WCU with interest on the loan, I'm looking at about $1200 monthly loan payment AFTER I'm done with school. It doesn't sound TOO bad, I would have graduated with a BSN in the 3 yeears. Sure, 1200 is almost double of what you would be paying back if you decided to go to CNI, but again, when you graduate, you're only going to have an Associates Degree and will have to compete with all the BSNs when looking for a job. Education will always pay off, that's what I think. My sister graduated from WCU and said it is costly, but she is now working at a huge hospital in Beverly Hills making 82k a year. Good luck with your studies!
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    nat.tang: I am going to be starting WCU soon, one reccomendation i have for you is to get all your general education and nursing-pre req classes done at a community college it will save you a TON of money for tuition at WCU.
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    CNI is 59k minus $10k from government loans 20 months long vs WC $120k minus $10-15k 39 months that's still to much.. If I decide to take my BSN later at Western Governor University which is less than a year ill only be in debt around $60k and I've already started working gaining experience and making money while someone from west coast is still in school and gaining debt..with all the rumors about not hiring new grads with no experience soon in the future good luck. In my case I'm an LVN with a DON waiting to hire me all I need is my RN license.
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    Be careful when looking at CNI College. If you are vocal when things are wrong then don't go here. I had an instructor ---- belittle me and constantly harassed me, when I brought this to ----- attention she brushed it off and I magicallly failed another class yet I studied and did everything as expected. Also they told me in order to retake the class I would have to completely drop out of school and reapply as if I was a new student and if I did they would have to consider me like a new student and see if I am suitable for the program, when in the student handbook it actually has where you are able to repeat and nothing about having to drop and reapply. If I decide to do that I would also have to pay an additional $100 application fee and another background and physical check and those fees. I was told that I was too sensitive when mentioning how something offended me and I was also told by an instructor that I should check google if I had a question.
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    hello, how do you like west coast university? is it worth the money? im really interested and going to an info session this week to check it out. im in the same boat my gpa is low. what were the qualifications you need to get in?
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    Here's a little food for thought for all of you future health care professional wanna-be's. The most important thing before you decide what school you want to attend regardless of cost is to make 100% sure that the program is accredited with the California Board of nursing (BRN). (2) I reside in Southern California, and a lot of people have discussed going to West Coast University for their nursing; don't do it!
    If you choose to put yourself through this program, you will "literally"put yourself in financial debt for the remainder of your career. Coughing up over 100,000 for a BSN degree is absolutely absurd. Yes, down the road, in the near future, eventually ALL RN's will have to be bachelors prepared in order to work at a facility. However, that will not happen for years to come. As I'm writing this, there are only a "handful" of hospitals that will not consider an RN without their bachelors degree. There are tons of hospitals out there, that will hire you with just a 2 year RN degree (RN License). Is it going to be difficult to find a job fresh out of school? yes, it is. In order to make things easier on yourself if you are going to pursue nursing or any other health care profession, is to get "your foot" in the door at a hospital as a : volunteer, EVS worker, health care tech, surgical tech, CNA, etc. The idea of this is when you have completed your nursing program, and take your NCLEX, and passed, your chances of getting hired as a full-time nurse at that facility you are currently at, you'll have a 99.99% chance of getting hired; trust me. They will hire you whether or not you have your bachelors, or your ADN. The only thing they care about is that you have an RN license and the proper certifications to work in that state; that's it.
    The most appropriate way to pursue the nursing field is to finish all prerequisites, apply and get into any program, without having to shoe out tens of thousands of dollars ( West Coast University). Obtain your RN license, then go back to school and earn your bachelors later on down the road. The hot topic is - do credits transfer? Is that college WASC accredited?, oh no, I can't go to that school, because my classes won't transfer over! I call it a bunch of baloney. Truth is, eventually you will find a program that will acept you in order to earn your bachelors, but it will be limited depending on where you went to school for your RN, and what their accreditation status is. But the good news is, you will find a University that will accept you, even if it's a University that is out of state. Why I mention this? If your earn your RN license, get your CPR, ACLS, PALS, etc. go back and earn your bachelors at Texas State University (online program). That hospital that is accepting applications for bachelors prepared RN will hire you. Why so easy? why aren't they looking at what University you attended for your bachelors? Cause they don't care. Again, like I mentioned previously. The only thing they care about is that you have your RN license, the proper certifications, and your bachelors degree; they don't care what institute you went to, they don't have the time to look over everyone's application to check and see what University they earned their degree from. UCSD in San Diego, receives over a thousand applications a month for positions they're hiring, do you think they are going to analyze where you went to school; hell no.
    So remember if you're asking yourself about what program to attend, follow the simple rules I just stated above and you will be on your way in accomplishing your dream in becoming an RN.
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    I'm in the RN program and can't even explain how much I love this school. I've been to Chaffey and RCC, but never had as positive of an experience as I have here. The instructors are the best of the best. They are genuinely there to help you and want to see you succeed. They give you all of the tools necessary, it's up to you to use them. You aren't just a number at this school. The dean will know you by your first name and so do the rest of the faculty. It's a family run school and that's how you're treated-as family. It's extremely competitive. Only 24 out of a few hundred applicants are chosen. The program is accelerated (20 months) and very challenging. You have to have a passion for nursing and be willing to give it 100%. I've learned so much in what seems like such a short amount of time, and I would recommend CNI to anyone who is serious about becoming a nurse.
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    Hello...I am curious if you ended up studying at CNI, and if so how your experience has been. I am considering taking the same route. I am a 44 year old full-time working mother with a Bachelor's Degree. I would like to go back to school to become an RN and am trying to figure out which route to take. Taking into account my age, I am anxious to finish ASAP and the CNI ADN program is on my list; along with WCU BSN. I would love to hear how you are doing.
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    Hi, has anyone went to CNI college and are currently pursuing BSN degree? If so which school?