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  1. I was just wondering if anyone here has taken the CNA course at Ventura College. I will be taking it this Fall and i would like to know what i should expect from the course. Is it easy to find a job after completing the course? Any input will be appreciated. Thanks
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  3. by   work&play
    I was thinking of taking it on Saturdays, but back a few years ago and now I'm yet to find a job. I let my cert. lapse and didn't think it was worth it. I did see a job trough some homehealth agency, but They wanted at least 3 years of experience.

    In stead, I'm taking Chem. at Oxnard. It's a good a experience though. It gives you an idea if nursing is for you. It's hard at first when you see the RT. giving therapy. You get to see the patient's spetum(buggers) bubble in tubes. You also get to smell patients whom are covered in diarhea and finaly detures with lots of vomit.

    Not to worry, you'll get used to it. I promis! At the end of the course, I'll able to eat in the hospital's cafeteria.

    Sorry for the book. I just wanted to share my experience as a CNA student.
  4. by   EC22
    Hi work&play! Thanks for the info Ive been told that i should take an LVN course instead of the CNA but here in Ventura County the LVN course is too expensive!! But im looking forward to the CNA class, I hope I get a good experience out of it. Thanks once again for your input. Good luck with your chemistry class. Let me know how that goes as i will be taking it next semester
  5. by   work&play
    Do go for the CNA. Unless you can find a cheap lvn program then do th lvn. If not do the CNA and do the rn prereqs. Don't sidetrak like I did 15 years ago. Good luck! I'll keep you informed on chem.
  6. by   EC22
    Ive looked for a cheap LVN school but the only one I found is in Simi Valley and its a full time class and therefore I am unable to take it as I work full time. I want to try and get a job after the cna course to get more experience in the nursing field and hopefully one day become an RN Ive heard that its a long waiting list at both Ventura and Moorpark colleges for their nursing program. I just hope I pass all the pre-reqs to get my name placed on the waiting list.
  7. by   work&play
    Thanks for letting me know. I was hopping to get in the rn at Moorpark. I heard it wasn't that hard. Ok. good to know.

    Yes, Simi Valley is too expensive do the cna and go from there. Wow! I can't get over the shock of Moorpark. An lvn told me to try getting in their program.

    Ok. moving right along.