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Hey everyone! Has anyone applied to the City of Hope New Graduate program? I applied a few days ago and will post on here if I hear anything. Best of luck to those that applied!... Read More

  1. by   jasmine2008
    What technology/Medical Record Management is COH changing to?
  2. by   nurse213
    Cyn2b2, do you know how long the training period is? Have you gotten updates on how your schedule would look like? (are we working on weekends?) It says either business attire or scrubs.. what are we expected to wear for our shift? Are we clocking in and out? Please update us! (:
  3. by   ElleV.RN
    @faithfulalways I will be seeing you in orientation as I got the position!
  4. by   FaithfulAlways
    Quote from ElleV.RN
    @faithfulalways I will be seeing you in orientation as I got the position!
    Yay! Congratulations! See you on the 21st!
  5. by   ADEcstatic
    @jasmine2008 - They're transitioning from paper to AllScripts/Eclipse Sunrise Suite
    @nurse213 - According to the last email, training is 4 weeks long and to wear business casual unless instructed otherwise. A friend of mine who started two weeks ago said that some people wore scrubs during training. They started going on the units on the second Thursday to shadow a nurse and they had to wear a scrub while shadowing.

    Looking forward to meeting the 2nd group tomorrow!
  6. by   johnnychang
  7. by   CaliRN13
    Hey everyone! I'm just curious as to how you are all liking the CIS position?
  8. by   tsipareht
    Anybody who has been hired receive the med calc test? Any ideas of what to expect?