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Hi all, Just wanted to start up another forum for CHLA's Versant New Grad RN Program for the March 2013 cohort. Here's a link to CHLA's page: The online app should only be open for a few more days apply now and GOOD LUCK!... Read More

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    Yeah I am the same way. I was called for hem/onc...well I think anyways...which was my first choice and then BMT was me second choice. So maybe they are kinda looking at us for both? That would be nice haha. BMT is also only like a 14 bed unit I think so they probably are only hiring one or two new grads there if they are hiring 4-6 for the bigger PICU unit. 15 for the second interview is more than I was expecting...but Im sure you guys will do great!!

    I wish my first interview was done too! CONGRATS everyone getting call backs my interview is tomorrow and then a week of torture haha.

    Good Luck to everyone who has an interview the next few days!!

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    @babyRN88 & @spanglec: Thanks for the responses! Yeah, just curious about BMT and Hem/Onc because they were my top two choices. I am happy to have received a call from at least one of my two choices! Very exciting!!!

    Good luck to everyone especially those who are having their interview tomorrow and Friday! Woohoo!
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    I am curious as to how many total they plan on taking for entire program, the number of spots per dept seem lower than the numbers I initially heard which was around 50-60 ...I should have asked last week :/
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    has anyone received a second interview call, email, etc?
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    I counted and there's like 10-13ish units I 4-6 is pretty close to 50-60 total isnt it then? PICU is also a bigger unit then say surgical or BMT or though so im assuming they are hiring more...? I may be completely off haha. hopefully not, hopefully they are all hiring 4-6 and we all have the same odds haha.
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    Quote from Peds143
    @Bailey.C: were you able to ask how many of the possible 20 they plan to hire? Btw, Good luck to the both of us!!
    I am not sure actually…I wish I had a better idea…Seems like you and I are the only ones on here that chose CV Acute...Have you heard anything yet about a second interview? I haven't recieved a call yet, but still waiting. Yes definitely good luck to us both!!!!!
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    just double checking...for the interview do we turn right and go into that parking structure under ground thats right in front of the main entrance..? what floor did you get off on? I was kind of freaking out when they called so im not sure i understood well enough .
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    That was the impression I got. I think you get off on the main floor, where there is a line for the info desk. Then we are supposed to tell the people at the info desk that we are there for the RN Residency interviews and which conference room we are in and someone will take us there. Good luck!
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    @spanglec: Do you mean for 1st or 2nd interview? 1st is in the scary basement, but second is on your unit.
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    Yeah thats what I think I remember her saying is that it was ground floor and there's like an HR front desk or something?

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