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  1. 0 Hello everyone. I have recently heard that Chaffey College's Nursing Program does not have a high rate of completion or graduation. I was told that they tend to find any reason toward the last semester to not pass the student. I was very shocked to hear these comments about a school that I have always heard such good things about. I know it is not an easy program but still to hear these kinds of comments can be disheartening. Has anyone else heard things like this about Chaffey's program? Thanks!
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    I am wondering the same thing???
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    Kennedy's Mommy, have you heard similar comments??
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    Yes....but I wonder how i should take the info. I know it is a great program and a lot of hospitals I have talked to are impressed with chaffey students, but people's comments are concerning. I mean I know the program will be hard (and I am fine with that)

    I got accepted to RCC and Chaffey so I am trying to decide where to go. Have you applied to the program?
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    Congratulations! That's really great to hear. I expect it to be difficult and like you said I am fine with that but the idea that I would get to the finish line all to be held back bothers me. I guess the important thing is that you have heard from hospitals that they like the students chaffey turns out so that is a huge plus. Maybe I will have to look further into it. I AM going to apply there because I have been a student there since spring of 09 so I am very familiar with the campus but I do intend to apply anywhere else I can. However, I will be done with micro come Fall of this year so I can't apply until Spring of 2012. I even looked into VVC but they now want students who are applying to their program to have 24 units from that college! I guess it wouldn't be so bad if I didn't already have everything completed here at Chaffey. And Mt Sac I think isn't even accepting applications until either Fall of 2012 of Spring of 2013! It's really crazy how difficult it is to get into these programs. Keep me posted as to which school you decide to go to. I will be interested to hear how it's going
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    I'm in the program at Chaffey and yes... It is true.

    Kennedy's mommy I would go to RCC!!
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    do RCC way better school then chaffey...... chaffey is designed to make certain students fail no matter what.....
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    My neighbor is a student of the Chaffey College RN Program and she has told me the same thing. Students are dropped very easily if you make a mistake. They started out with 40 in January and it is now October and 17 have been dropped already. She says it's a very hard program. She's hanging in there and is hoping to finish.
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    Hey babied who is your neighbor? I might know her!
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    Quote from ooomonkeys
    Hey babied who is your neighbor? I might know her!
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    I will be honest in my opinion. If anyone is afraid of Nursing shouldn't apply. I hope you chose wisely.