Can I make a fuss about this or do I just grin and bear it?

  1. I am sure this has been asked before and mentioned previously and is probably akin to beating a dead horse with a stick, however... I am absolutely confounded, miserable, and at a loss as to what to do- so please bear with me and help me if you can?
    But first a little background on me: I obtained my LVN license back in Jan. 2010. I have been working under this license since October 2010 (had a hard time finding a job as a new grad). And of the 2 years of nursing I have done: I worked in 2 facilities and have spent 1.5 years doing wound care.
    I currently work for a 103 bed facility but we maintain about 90% census. Census has never dropped below 80 since I have started working here (~5 months).
    I see the whole building for wound care. Thats 80+ patients with dry dressings, wet to dry dressings, a couple wound vacs, etc. It is is my sacred duty to change foley caths, colostomy/ileostomy, treat every skin tear, nose bleed, and skin irritation.
    At first I thought this was how it worked here in this facility. The hiring admin assured me wounds for only about 50% of the populace. That has not held up to be true.
    I see about 85% of our current census. That includes the creams, powders, and general what-have-yous. And I am required to do my work in 8-hours. No more, no less.
    Now that I have been here a few months, I am hearing the same question over and over again: why are you the only one?
    Apparently, before I was hired, they had 2 wound care nurses on the floor. One worked 4-hours and the other worked 8-hours. But I was told I was the only tx nurse on the floor and I am only given help one day of the week so that I can prepare our weekly wound report.
    I have had up to 6 admissions in one day.
    And this is getting really long so please just tell me: can I go make a fuss about this situation? I am at my wits end with stress and trying to keep up with all their "required" paperwork for patients and new admissions.
    Also, since I am the "full time treatment nurse" I am supposed to "catch" any and all potential problems which include work that should have been done and completed by the weekend tx nurses.
    Is this a matter I should bring up with my union rep?
    Sorry this got to so long. I was trying to give the whole picture so that I may obtain the most accurate answer. Thank you all for your time! It was greatly appreciated.
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  3. by   Adele_Michal7
    That is insane. The staff nurses should be doing as many treatments as they can for you (powders, creams etc) so that you can have enough assessment time for admissions and new problems.

    When I worked at an LTC in the past, the building had a treatment director and each floor had a treatment nurse during the day, plus the med nurse had to help.

    Keep us updated on what happens. I think you should say something, absolutely.
  4. by   brithoover
    When I worked as an RN in LTC we were responsible for our own creams, powders, and simple dressings. The wound care did the more complex things
  5. by   TheCommuter
    I've worked in several LTC facilities. The wound care nurses in these facilities only dealt with the 'worst' or most complicated treatments such as wound vacs, packed dressings, stage III and IV pressure ulcers, nonhealing wounds, amputation stumps, eschar, and so forth.

    Staff bedside nurses cared for the more basic skin issues: skin tears, suture and staple removal, simple dressings, topical ointments, Nystatin powder, foot soaks, etc.
  6. by   txnurse4thewin
    I don't like it but my facility seems to like nurturing a sort of cut throat atmosphere. Everyone for his/herself lest they get thrown under the bus too.
    This is only my second job but it is so bad.
    Now I am in charge of the GTube dressings on top of everything else.
    Is it because I'm only an LVN?
    I wrote a letter to my union rep but I don't know if it will do anything.
    I'd sit down with my DON but she quit after a week. State is around the corner...
    Stress is crazy!
  7. by   txnurse4thewin
    No reply yet but erstwhile I've been suspended from work. I think they're working up to firing me. I guess I shouldn't have filed that grievance about reducing my pay AND not receiving my raise AND not getting holiday pay... Oops.
  8. by   loriangel14
    You seriously need to consult your union rep.They can't just fire you without any cause. Your union agreement should have guidelines reguarding this. They have to have just cause and go through a certain process. They have to show that they have to have tried to work with you on the issue.Also if you have any sort of meeting with management you need to take your union rep with you.

    What was their excuse for suspending you?
  9. by   txnurse4thewin
    Yeh... I realized I should have had my rep there after I got into the office. My DSD said, "We are going to talk about this." No mention of suspension or discipline.
    And it was concerning a pt that was non-compliant. I notified charge nurse and MD and documented. I am being suspended (but no one else) because I did not report to my DON or Admin.
    I feel like it was very sudden, out of no where, and very severe. But I notified my rep. I doubt anything will change.
  10. by   loriangel14
    The rep is not doing their job if they ignore this. Any more meetings and you have the rep there.You need to check out your contract and see what the rules are surrounding suspension and firing.My union rep would have hit the roof if this happened.
  11. by   txnurse4thewin
    Well, it's just the waiting game now.

    I hate the waiting game.
  12. by   txnurse4thewin
    It's Monday! And guess what?! I had to call them! It was getting to 4p and I know everyone leaves around 430/5p and I hadn't received a call yet...
    I guess they didn't find what they're looking for because - I'M STILL SUSPENDED!!! But they promise to call me tomorrow.
    Please excuse me as I run around in a panic as I watch my paycheck dwindle to nothing.
  13. by   loriangel14
    You need to take this to the union. They cannot suspend you with no reaon given.
  14. by   TheCommuter
    Quote from loriangel14
    You need to take this to the union. They cannot suspend you with no reaon given.
    OP previously mentioned that the suspension had something to do with a patient who had been noncompliant.