California to require all nurses to get BSN? California to require all nurses to get BSN? | allnurses

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California to require all nurses to get BSN?

  1. 0 I have been hearing loads of rumors for years now about California trying to require all nursing levels (LVN/ADN) to upgrade to a BSN? So in other words get your BSN or you will not be a nurse in California. Any info on this? As I said it's a rumor I have been hearing for years. Thanks All
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    It is still a rumor, not a reality.

    At this time, no state in the union has laws that require nurses to be educated at the BSN degree level. North Dakota once had a BSN-only law, but ended up repealing it several years ago.

    New York state is proposing 'BSN-in-10' legislation, but it is not set in stone.
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    BSN's are not a requirement nor is there any legislature in the works to make it a requirement at this time. However, rarely in my two years of acute care experience have I seen new hires that didn't have a BSN. The only ADN's that have been hired into my facility have been well regarded preexisting employees. Experienced nurses are a different story--especially those with over 5 years in select fields.