California RN Reciprocity!!!

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I need to apply for Reciprocity in California, I currently have a Maryland License. I know that you can do a "walk through" if you go to the board in Sacramento as long as you do the live scan two weeks before. Has anyone tried this recently? How long did it take for you?

    I know that you have to request transcripts from the schools, do you have to wait for this too or will you receive your temp license as long as you got your finger prints and NURSYS check completed?
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  3. by   Samantha79
    I'm a little unclear on this as well. I mailed my application in for a temporary license and then recieved a job offer which is dependant on getting my license by a certain date. I would now like to "walk thru" to get my temp license but I'm not sure if the board has everything they need to issue it and it's a 4 hour drive for me. Trying to call the board has not been successful so far. I'm pretty sure they only need the fingerprints (cleared by the DOJ, FBI AND received and processed by the board which takes up to 2 weeks) and your current license verification with application and fees for the temp license. The transcripts they need for your perm. license. If anyone can share info on having mailed the application and then doing a "walk-thru" it would be great. I'm endorsing from Oklahoma which does NOT participate in NURSYS so I also have to wait for OK to mail CA verification.
  4. by   Samantha79
    So here is an update. It took 4 weeks from the date mailed until my license showed up on the website. I applied for Temporary, apparently for no reason because I got my permant license first. Still don't have a hard copy mailed to me yet. I will update when I do, for those of you out there wondering how long things are currently taking.