Cal State Univ, Northridge Accelerated BSN (A-BSN) 2013 - page 4

Hey guys! Are there any individuals here applying for CSUN's ABSN program for the Summer/Fall 2013? I'm currently applying and would love to hear from those who are into this as well. I'm still finishing up my prerequisites... Read More

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    Thanks ReaperX!
    I'll email her again/call her on Monday.

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    Monday is President's Day. They might not have school that day.
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    Received the university admission letter today. But still need to wait the nursing department admission to make it official
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    Hi everyone I'm a current student in the a-bsn program at csun and wanted to wish you all the best! If you have any questions, feel free to message me. I'll try to check this site at least once a week (no promises since it's a little crazy-busy ). Take care and try not to stress!
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    Hi happyperson2! Thanks for offering your help...I'm pretty sure we're at the edge of our seats until April comes And it's nice to hear/see that a current ABSN student has dropped by the "hopefuls" page to give some words of encouragement
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    Hey guys,
    Just wanted to let you all know I went to the nursing dept to turn something in and the lady at the desk said they would not be conducting any interviews this year. Also, they will be sending out letters letting us know whether we got in or didn't get into the program in early April.
    The waiting continues....!
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    April just seems ridiculous if the summer program begins in May. Last year they started notifying people the last week of February. 5 months is a crazy wait.
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    Thanks for the update afractaluniverse Looks like there's no way to make it any earlier than that lol

    @ Hopefulpednurse
    Yeah, to think that students only have less than a month to set things straight before class starts (for the Summer cohort) in May compared to last year's "prep time" is a little too short of a time. I kind of wish that decisions would be out sooner than that time, but I guess we can't control those kinds of things
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    @nextway55 - I tried to write you back, but you'll need to clear your messages in order for me to send you answers to your questions
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    ReaperX: I completely agree with you about having such a short prep time should we get into the program. I'll definitely need to find housing ASAP since it'd be quite a commute for me. I hope the time passes by fast! I want to know already!

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