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Hey guys! Are there any individuals here applying for CSUN's ABSN program for the Summer/Fall 2013? I'm currently applying and would love to hear from those who are into this as well. I'm still... Read More

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    I know that we have to be admitted to the University first and then be accepted into the Nursing dept (which is the reason why it shows "Provisionally Admitted" on the Portal, i.e. we will be admitted to the University pending acceptance into the program of the Nursing dept).

    I remember -------------- saying that we have the option of sending out 2 official transcripts to the dept, since they can just walk to Admissions and give them the other one. What I did for mine, though, since I have a course that is in-progress last Fall, is that I sent them separately: one for Admissions and one for the Nursing dept--same address, but different recipients.

    Yours would eventually work out as well, especially now that Joanne knows about it, so don't worry
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    Hi everyone!
    I've been lurking on this site for a while now and am finally making my first post! I too have applied to the CSUN ABSN program and am anxiously waiting for any information.

    I have a few questions- for those of you that received CSUN's acceptance letter in the mail, do we have to mail/fax it to the Nursing Dept? Also, have you guys received an email from the nursing dept confirming that they've received your application? I haven't, but I read that past applicants received one around the end of January.

    1st day of February is tmrw...the waiting continues... :***:
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    Hi afractaluniverse! Thanks for dropping by this topic

    You know what, I also got that letter today, but I have no idea whether we should mail it to the Nursing dept or not. I don't remember ------------ saying anything about that when I went to the info sessions...I'll probably e-mail them tomorrow about it and ask as well about that e-mail confirmation thing that past applicants have received around this time.

    I know, right? It's a new month already tomorrow and I feel like I'm walking the plank or walking towards the edge of a ravine or something lol
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    Hi Everyone!

    I just received an email from CSUN stating that my application has been received and that they will contact me if they need any additional information. The email also said that decisions won't go out until April. Guess they are running a little later than last year.
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    Hi Hopefulpednurse! I got that same e-mail too just now...looks like it's going to be a REALLY LONG [almost] two months of waiting.

    By the way guys, I got a response from the Nursing dept regarding the Acceptance Letter from Admissions and Records, saying:

    [FONT=tahoma]"Yes please send, drop off, or email your acceptance letter. Thank you."

    So if you got that letter, make sure to send it to the Nursing dept so they can include it with your application.
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    I actually just called the CSUN nursing department office and asked about needing the university acceptance letter, and they said that they do not need the letter because they have access to that information. I guess we are getting some conflicting information, but I am not going to send anything unless asked. This is going to be a very long wait!
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    I received that email from nursing department too. But I haven't been admitted by the Univeristy yet. I guess that I just need to wait.

    Hope that they start to call for the interviews soon.
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    CSUN got rid of the interview process. Personal Statement is the only way for them to assess us.
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    Really? Oh well, they must be really busy there for us to have two different answers on the same question lol
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    Quote from Hopefulpednurse
    CSUN got rid of the interview process. Personal Statement is the only way for them to assess us.
    No more interview? Wow. That will be tough then. Hope we can know earlier.

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