CA LVN allowed to set up TPN?

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    Hello, I'm an CA LVN and today have been offered a case position with a home health agency. From what I understand, my job will be to arrive at the client's house at 10pm and set up the TPN. I was informed that all I had to do was set up the TPN so it is ready for the RN in the morning. I was told I would be done in about an hour or less. I'm supposed to start tomorrow night for training. Does this sound appropriate for me to do? The lady I was talking to (not a nurse) mentioned about the central line, which is something I thought LVNs weren't allowed to touch. Also, what kind of set up would be involved that couldn't easily be done by the RN in the morning? I'm currently looking through the NPA but I thought it can't help to ask here!

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    I know in the hospital setting the Travisol must be double checked (just like blood) before the bag can be pierced.

    I've worked with patients who administer their own TPN regime at home.

    You need to check with your governing body.
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    Do you know what kind of 'set up' that would need to be done the night before?
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    Any admin able to help answer? I called the board and they won't get back to me until next week, but I start training tonight. Former classmates that I asked tell me working with a central line is a nono, which is what I thought. But I can't find anything in the NPA that specifies about TPN/central lines.
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    Moving to Nursing in California forum to elicit further response. Did you contact CABRN and CABVNPT?
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    I contacted the CABVNPT but I won't get a reply until Tuesday. I found a sheet from the California Vocational Nurse Educators (updated 2010) and it says infusing tpn or other fluids, blood withdrawal throught central line is not within LVN scope of practice. So it looks like a no. I spoke with the RN from the home health agency and she said another nurse told her as long as I was IV certified and had training with her I was fine to do it. I'm confused and don't want anything to happen to my license.
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    Also, what would I ask the CABRN? Not really sure since it's an LVN scope of practice question.
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    CA BRN may offer input on delegation to LVN and scope of practice if it is a RN skill only.
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    Thank you. Currently on hold with the CABRN.
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    Well, apparently they don't have any nurse educators working on thursdays or fridays, so I'm out of luck there :/

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