Beverly Hospital

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    Anyone have any experience with Beverly Hospital in Montebello? I had an interview there for telemetry this week, looking for context. The HR and unit managers were all really nice, very warm and receptive.

    Anyone know what a new grad RN might expect to be offered in terms of pay?


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    I've heard of many new grads starting around 28 and some up to 35 an hour. I think it just depends on the facility. But in this economy if it's somewhat decent I would take it. If you don't mind me asking do you have any experience? what position did you apply to, i'm also a new grad in search of a job and any tips you could provide would be helpful. Thanks!!!
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    I've heard from a relatively new nurse (<2 years) working at Beverly on a Med/Surg floor that she makes $30/hr.
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    I had an interview there. Anyone know what the process is like? I know this is an old thread

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