Bakersfield College Fall 2012 !

  1. I just received my acceptance letter from BC! Any one else
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  3. by   >JustBreathe<
    Congrats!! I wasn't picked for BC this time, but it was my first time applying. Better luck next time I suppose. You must be excited!!
  4. by   kcortez87
    Thanks! It was my second time applying so I'm pretty sure next semester you'll get accepted! Have you heard anything about BC nursing program? I'm new to the area
  5. by   >JustBreathe<
    To be honest I don't know much about BC or CSUB's program other than BC is "supposed" to be more hands on and have great professors.

    I applied to both programs so I hope I get into CSUB for Fall, although it's really competitive so I'm a bit doubtful about it. If not I'm going to keep trying to get into BC. I hope you're right about getting in my second time. It was a bummer getting that rejection letter.
  6. by   kcortez87
    You will believe me, when I got my rejection letter last semester I was bummed out and it made me not wanna try again and I did and got the acceptance letter yesterday! have you taken the TEAS test?
  7. by   >JustBreathe<
    Yeah I took it in March, I didn't do too great but I passed lol
  8. by   kcortez87
    Any recommendations? I'm taking it in two weeks
  9. by   >JustBreathe<
    Brush up on basic algebra. Order of operations, FOIL, ratios, etc. I think I did best on the math, it wasn't too bad. The science is difficult, there was a lot of Chemistry on mine that I couldn't recall ever seeing before. Reading was simple. I hated the "this word has the same meaning as which on of these words," things. Vocabulary is hard to study because the words are random, it's like you know it or you don't.

    There's a whole section on AN devoted to the TEAS and studying for it,
    TEAS Exam Help for Nurses | Nursing StudentsGood luck on your exam!!
  10. by   ivgirlie
    I didn't get in through the traditional application... but I did apply for a sponsorship with both Memorial and Mercy hospitals and ended up getting selected by both. I just found out today both hospitals accepted me so now I have to make the awkward 'no thank you' phone call. *gulp*
  11. by   ivgirlie
    Kcortez, how is studying going?! I take it on the 29th and am SO nervous!
  12. by   >JustBreathe<
    Well I thought I was out but I got a call today from BC I am in the ADN program for this fall :-)
  13. by   kcortez87
    I took the TEAS on the 29th and I passed!!!!
  14. by   kcortez87
    BC ADN students, what's next?? Nursing intake meeting, I'll be attending the meeting on the 21st! And orientation in August!!