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I just received my acceptance letter from BC! Any one else... Read More

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    I'm ready too! Started to purchase my books!!

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    I haven't started on books yet but I've got my uniforms and I'm getting my tote and CARP ordered this week. What kind of bag are you using? I need to find something new. I still am using the same Jansport backpack I've had since 9th grade. I don't think it'll make it through this.
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    I still need my uniforms, CPR and mask fit and I'm done!! I'm using just a regular backpack jansport!
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    I did my mask fit test last week. Yuck it is not fun at all.
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    Do you by chance need a nursing fundamentals text? I was given two. Lol
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    Yes i do!!
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    You do have it? or you do want my extra? Lol
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    I want it! Lol
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    Lol k. I will message you my number
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    Congratulations to you both!! You are in for the ride of your life but the most rewarding career in my opinion...some advice find study buddies early on and take Nurs skills 201 class every semester and get in there as much as you can...the first semester is tough but so not impossible if you dedicate yourself to getting through this program successfully...I am heading into the fourth semester in Fall 2012 and our class is very welcoming to our new "baby nurses" (we are the senior baby nurses Lolz) congrats again!!!
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