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Hello all, I'm applying to APU's NP program this January and am sooo excited and nervous! I'm really trying to get accepted to start in Fall 2011 as I don't want to wait until spring 2012. This is my first choice (I've... Read More

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    Orientation is tomorrow at the Azusa campus and Friday at the SD campus. The book bundle is available on the APU website now, or you can buy them individually from former students or amazon. There are health requirements like tb, CPR, etc..I'd contact the campus regarding those. Hope this helps!

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    Hi everyone! I have been admitted to the SD Campus for Spring 2013! If there is anyone looking for a housemate/roomate or knows of anyone in the area looking for a one, please let me know. I'm still looking for housing in the area. Thanks!!
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    Hey everyone! I was originally accepted into the SD Summer 2013 cohort, but just got a call and am now going to be in the SD Spring 2013 cohort! I would love to connect with anyone from this cohort or find out if anyone has created a FB group or something
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    Good afternoon,
    Could you please give me some ideas how you know that you get accepted and how long they will call you? i got an interview at SD campus and it was very good. The professor gave me the information of people who is responsible for loans and ask me to contact them and see what kinds of loans better for me. She also gave me a physical assessment paper that I have to see my doctor to fill out. The program coordinator asked me to look for housing from now. However, they did not say if they accept me or not. Do they ask you to do the same thing? thank you so much.
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    Hi Everyone!,

    I will start the APU ELM program soon. I wanted to know if you have any advice for me before I start ? What do you think I should review ? How was your overall experience at APU?

    Thank You in Advance!!
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