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HAs anyone completed the lattc nursing program? Or has anyone been currently accepted to the program? If yes, can you tell me everything you know about the program. Thank you.... Read More

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    I received an offer of acceptance and will be starting LATTC's nursing program shortly. It's SO frustrating that no one has responded in length to this post. Either they don't know about this website, or have nothing positive to say. I did find a youtube video which had some graduates talk about their experience. They seemed happy, but then again, they were being filmed and finally MADE IT to graduation! I promise to post some updates once I start their program. Like you, I want to know what to expect. I know their pass rate has improved, and the last I checked, it was 97%; not bad! I just hope the staff is supportive and doesn't berate their students. I know many go through hell unnecessarily, rather than being encouraged and having their confidence built up.

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    Hello, i just received a letter of acceptance too from LATTC for Fall13. I never really expected this because I just applied last april and they told that my application would be for Spring14 because Fall13 is full already and even if someone backed-out i would not have a chance because too many students applied. So thankful got accepted. Praise God!
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    My class was halved the first semester too. I think most didn't know what they were in for, but if you're ESL, good luck, they are very hard on students who don't speak English proficiently. Also I heard the current graduating class has only 3 individuals who made it through the entire program on the first try, not sure the total number of students graduating. For last Spring it was 9 out of 21 who did it on the first try. When I've talked to people at LACC and Southwest they have a lot more students making it through the first time. I think that says something.
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    Congratulations for getting into the program! How has it been going?? You're probably starting second semester was first semester??.. you said you'd post some updates ;D I'm starting at LATTC in fall of 14', excited I finally get to start...advice???

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