Anybody else waiting on USF's (San Francisco) Acceptance letter for Spring 2012 (BSN)

  1. 0 Hello!
    Since December is almost here I know that acceptance letters should be in the mail soon! I was wondering if anybody else is waiting on USF's letter for Spring 2011?

    I'm a transfer from a jc so I'm waiting. ahh.
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    Moved to the California nursing program forum for more of a response.
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    hi avill!

    i am waiting for decisions as well! they should be coming out the week of 12/5 and continuing through the week! can't wait
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    I just saw this! Finally somebody else who is waiting on them! I know nobody else who applied for it. Well, I hope they come out soon! Best of luck. Did you apply anywhere else?
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    i applied to dominican university and got good news 2 months ago, but usf is my first choice. how about you? i actually contacted them again and they're saying the end of this week, beginning of next. the waiting continues!
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    Really? That's not too bad of a wait. I was reading last years post about those who applied, some got their letters as late as January. I applied to csu's so I wont be hearing back from them until April. USF is a top school, and my first pick, but I don't get in I wont be too disappointing because I applied to about 5 different schools that are much more affordable.
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    Hey I'm also waiting too!
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    Would u guys know the first day of class for sPring 2012?
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    Yay, where are you guys from?
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    I applied! I'm currently a pre-nursing student at SFSU but I definitely want to transfer. I can't wait to find out!

    Best of luck everyone!
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    Good luck to all. Please post when you get your letter we are all waiting anxiously.
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    I am waiting as well... I've graduated with the highest honors this spring, wrote a really nice essay, submitted 4 letters of recommendation from my Ph.D. Professors and I truly hope I have a chance of getting into the program next Spring... I am checking my mailbox daily, waiting for the letter, nothing so far... This is the only place I've applied by the way. Good luck to us all:-)
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