Any So Cal Schools?!?!

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    Okay, so I am starting to freak out. It seems like I cannot get into any nursing school. On paper, I am not the MOST competitive applicant and now I'm scrambling. My undergrad GPA was 3.025, my current GPA is 3.4 and my pre-reqs are literally all A's or B's. I didn't do so well on the TEAS (79.8). I applied to APU 2+2 and they said they gave priority to students with no previous Bachelor's and I applied to APU ELM and was told I wasn't competitive enough. I don't know where else to apply! I've just recently applied to LLU (but I'm sure I didn't get in because on they IA test I got the minimum score 13) and Cal Baptist... I'm worried that no school will even look at me! Please, is there any hope out there?!

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    Are these the only schools in your area? How about looking into programs at Cal States and UCLA's accelerated program? How about an ADN program if nothing else pans out? Check the CA BRN site for approved schools on the state. That should give u a better idea of which programs are available around you.
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    Those are the closest schools to me. The issue I am noticing is that my GPA is lower than obviously everyone else. I am at a cross road because I don't have money to repeat classes I already got a B in and I'm not sure how much that bring up my GPA vs repeated classes counting against me.
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    By your admission, you know your GPA isn't competitive enough to get into the programs you are applying to, nor will it be competitive enough for the Cal State or UCLA programs the above poster mentioned. Why not consider ADN programs as willowita also mentioned, and then complete an RN-BSN program afterwards? You mentioned you were near APU and Cal Baptist, which are near Citrus College, Chaffey College, and RCC, which all have ADN programs.

    I have a previous bachelor's with a 3.0 overall GPA and was clearly not going to be competitive in any accelerated or entry-level programs. So to get into nursing, I went to LVN school and graduated in June 2010, worked as an LVN while I completed my pre-reqs, and am currently in an LVN-ADN program. I'm also currently in the process of applying to RN-BSN programs for next year. I'm aiming to have my BSN by Spring or Fall 2014. The only reason I went for my LVN first was because I didn't have any pre-reqs completed anyway, so I figured I might as well get some nursing experience while working on them. But you can apply to ADN programs directly and RN-BSN programs afterward. It may take longer to finish doing it this way than accelerated programs, but it's better than not getting into any program at all.
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    Looks like that's all ill be good enough for. The problem I have is, I already have a BS in Biology, it just seems like a step back to get an ADN then RN-BSN and finally BSN to's a lot of school and money that I don't have. I'm already 28 and I want in bad and I'm a VERY good student but can't get my GPA up.
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    I find it funny that you mention "taking a step back" as "a lot of school and money" that you don't have when the universities that you've all listed (APU, LLU, and Cal Baptist) are all private schools. Let's look at some actual numbers. According to APU's site, the estimated total cost for their Entry-level Master's is $60,455-$68,930 in the course of the 3-4 year program. Citrus College nearby, has an estimated ADN total program cost of $6141 for 2 years. The full-time RN-BSN option can be completed at CSUF in one year/3 semesters (Fall/Spring/Summer), at approximately $3338/sem or $10,014 for the program. For example's sake, one stays at CSUF for their MSN, which takes 2 years/6 semesters to complete. At $4031/sem for graduate tuition, that's $24,186 for the whole program. To complete the ADN to BSN to MSN example I just gave, it will cost you $40,341. This makes a difference of between $20,114-$28,589 in getting an MSN compared to APU. It would take 1-2 years longer than the ELM route, but given your situation, "taking a step back" is just a consequence you're going to have to suck up -- you can't turn back time to make up your GPA, you can only make the most of what you've got now. Do well enough in your ADN program and you might not even have to do the RN-BSN part and do ADN-MSN, which may cut off an extra year, making it possible to finish in about the same amount of time or only 1 year longer, which in the grand scheme of one's lifetime is negligible.
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    I'm sorry, today has been just a horrible day. I didn't mean it like that. I think I am just down because I've been rejected, I have a son whom depends in me as a single mom to provide his needs...I've always wanted to be a doctor but I decided my son was more important and I couldn't get past the mcat...(I have bad test anxiety) and then I decided nursing would still allow me to work in the same field (neonatal care) I've always wanted and have time with my son...but I can't even get in a program...I know it's just a pity party but mainly because I'm really stressed and having a bad day doesn't translate well with stress! Thanks for your input I thoroughly appreciate it.
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    Hey jsimpsonlee03 I understand your frustration. Just be persistent, you'll get in somewhere!!! I see that you've applied to APU ELM, did you get an advising appointment? Or how did they let you know you weren't accepted?
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    Quote from lilyr
    Hey jsimpsonlee03 I understand your frustration. Just be persistent, you'll get in somewhere!!! I see that you've applied to APU ELM, did you get an advising appointment? Or how did they let you know you weren't accepted?
    I did the advising session and the issue that I had was they were missing a page from two different it looked like my GPA was SUPER low..I sent in the information to correct the mistake and I don't think it was looked I was rejected and they said I wasn't competitive enough!
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    Oh no, I would've assumed having the advising session was a positive step in the right direction. I wish you luck in applying, we're all in the same boat just keep your head up!!!

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