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Hello, Just posting a topic for Alameda County's rn residency application that had been up this past week. Last day to apply was October 12. Just curious if anyone else applied and had moved... Read More

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    Nope not yet! Still waiting and it's TORTURE! Has anyone else heard ANYTHING?? I've called Kevin a few times, but got no answer and his mailbox is full so I can't leave message either.
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    Based upon what was told to me today, ----------- has already hired 27 people for 25 spots. Those offered a position need to get all the paperwork and health screenings done this week.
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    Hi mylybui! Did you go to the HR office to sign documents, physical, and pharm exam yet? I went yesterday, 12/18. Your one of my future co-workers! Congrats
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    Congrats Sf_RN. I also went on 12/18, except in the morning.

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