Agencies in San Jose/Bay Area, CA? Agencies in San Jose/Bay Area, CA? | allnurses

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Agencies in San Jose/Bay Area, CA?

  1. 0 Hello all! I am currently a private duty LVN (working in the school system mostly), and wondering if anyone can recommend any good agencies to go through in San Jose, CA (other than Maxim Healthcare)? Thanks! :wink2:
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    I have heard of Arcadia. they are on Moorpark. My friend said their website doesnt offer much info but if you go in person, its better.
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    hi! i am not from the bay area but i also went to an agency to get an RN job. i was asked a few questions about my experiences and all that and signed a thick paper work that tells how the agency works, some questionnaire about if i took or taking a certain drug or if i have had a certain disease, i also signed in a bank direct deposit form and all that, they also asked me to undergo a drug screen test which they paid for. the lady told me that she'll keep me posted about the job contracts they have.

    my question is, does this mean that all i have to do is just wait for them to send me to an employer? can i still apply to other employers?

    this is my first time dealing with an agency and i'm not so sure how does the processing in getting a job through them works. anybody here who got a job through an agency?