Admitted CSULA Fall 2013 Basic BSN program!

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    Hey everyone!!

    Congratulations to everyone that has gotten into the CSULA Fall 2013 BSN program!! woohoo!

    Just wanted to start this thread so that the Fall 2013 class could start getting to know each other and share our processes/gripes/questions/whatever before we start in September.

    Or, whoever wants to say hello!

    Looking forward to meeting you all in September!!

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    Hello, everyone! Thank you for the thread, peachdove, I am doing my physical tests now since the nursing pack comes in Aug. busy, buzy!!
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    The nursing package will tell us exactly what needs to be done right? Hopefully it comes sooner so that we know exactly what needs to be done!
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    Hi everyone! Can't wait to meet all of you guys this September!! Are you all currently going to CSULA?
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    I will be transferring from a community college. You?
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    I'm currently going to CSULA
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    How is the campus, student services and stuff like that? I know that CSULA is considered a commuter school which is fine for me. I'm wondering also, where would be a good place to live in regards to commuting to school? I know the area isnt the best but do you have any suggestions?
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    Their campus is pretty decent; I would consider it a medium sized campus. There are some really old buildings mixed with some really nice ones so it balances out =P There's a Student Union (it's new) where a lot of students come to chill or study and a nice gym in the basement that you get to use at no extra cost, so try to take advantage of it! Oh and there's also a Starbucks on campus!! YUM. The classes are actually pretty small compared to most colleges. The largest lecture I had had about 190 students and that was a popular human anatomy class. Regarding student services, there are free tutoring services in the library, a health office, enrollment services, cashier's office, financial aid; etc. You can get free scantrons and blue books from the ASI Center in the Student Union (don't forget this!!). Oh and there's also a very convenient bus/train station on campus, too Not sure about clubs, but I feel like a lot of them are fraternities and sororities based on what I saw during welcome week haha. I know there are clubs that we can join once we're in nursing school though. As for living off campus and stuff, I actually commute to CSULA, so I wouldn't know much about good places to live near CSULA, sorry
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    hey guys! i currently go to csula. i live off campus cuz dorming is just so ridiculously expensive! theres some nearby apartments to the school. they are a bit on the ghetto side...but theyre safe and cheap. i have a roommate and pay about 450 a month. Does anyone know some of the shots we might need? i wanted to get a head start on those
    and btw congrats to everyone for getting in! :]
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    hey mkaur726! here is a link to the handbook. I read it and it has all the info about what shots you need and all that.
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