5 year recency in CA and W's

  1. Hi Guys,

    I will be taking my NCLEX-PN in December. Then I will be going back to community college to refresh my A & P since I took them at least 10 years ago. However, I have a couple concerns, I took physiology more than 10 years ago, but I got two W's before passing with a B. My question is once I refresh my sciences, I am going to apply for the LVN to RN bridge program and I am wondering if those W's still be counting against me even if they are 10 years old?
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  3. by   missnurse01
    I thought that w's don't figure into gpa ? They never fall off though.
  4. by   NickiLaughs
    I don't think they would. They're going to count the gpa from the current class they use. I doubt it will affect your application.
  5. by   ReaperX
    NickiLaughs is right...as long as your W's have been replaced by a letter grade just like in your case, you should be ok. Schools, even those for Nursing, generally look at the classes you took with the most recent grade reported, so instead of looking at the W, they will look at the B instead.

    missnurse01 is also right in that W's don't count towards your GPA, but it stays on your transcript. GPA-wise, the school won't factor the W but the B...application-wise, though, it's possible that the school sees the W as "something", which is of course open for interpretation.

    As long as you study hard and get better grades in the classes you plan to refresh on, the schools you'd apply to would see an upward trend as far as your grades are concerned: a positive sign that you are definitely working on whatever it is that you may have missed before. Best of luck!
  6. by   Jserrano2113
    @missnurse: here in California they do:/
  7. by   Jserrano2113
    Thank you. I hope they don't count because here in Cali they have a formula that counts W's against you
  8. by   Lyricalluna
    I believe they wont look at those 10 yr old w's. They only look back at a certain amount of years. I know what you mean I have a W and they count it as failure in CA.