2013 Fall Nursing Program Harbor College (LAHC) - page 5

Hello, I wanted to see how many people applied to Los Angeles Harbor College nursing program for the fall of 2013? Has anyone been invited to take the TEA's exam yet? look forward to hearing from you guys thanks... Read More

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    Hi I was wondering shouldn't we have heard back by now. It said 10 days. Have you guys got any email or anything?

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    Hey. No I didn't get anything yet. Yeah, they're taking forever! Maybe you should call them and ask. I called them 2 weeks ago and they said they're just waiting for people to take the teas :/
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    Hey I will call tomorrow morning and see what they say. I wonder when people are scheduled to take the teas. Do u know?
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    I called she said sometime this week!!! I'm soooooooooo scared!!!!
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    Omg! I'm nervous!!!! :/
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    And thank you for following up
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    Yea I'm so nervous as well
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    Hi RN2B0622 & Ohnoitsher, I took the teas at Harbor last Thursday. We were told we would hear from them within one week. I'm hoping e-mails get sent out by this Thursday...
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    Hey Ben07 yea I called they said they are doing the second lottery some time this week. Omg I am so scared:/ I hope we all get some good news. Where there quite a few people taking the teas?
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    Tests were done tue and thursday last week.There were 24 of us in the Thursday session. The instructor made a comment that all students must have waited till the second date to test lol.. I assume less students took the teas on Tuesday. Good luck..

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