2013 Fall Nursing Program Harbor College (LAHC) - page 5

Hello, I wanted to see how many people applied to Los Angeles Harbor College nursing program for the fall of 2013? Has anyone been invited to take the TEA's exam yet? look forward to hearing from you... Read More

  1. by   RN2B0622
    is this your first time applying?
  2. by   Ben07
    No, I don't know how many invites were sent out... Hopefully we hear from them soon. I'm tired of checking my email every 5 min! Lol.. Yeah, this is my first time applying.. You?
  3. by   RN2B0622
    Hey I hope we hear back soon too and yes this is my first time. I am doing the same thing and it is hard to control it hahah.
  4. by   RN2B0622
    They close their office at 5 so I am assuming if we get no email wait until next day.
  5. by   Ben07
    Anyone heard from LAHC yet?
  6. by   Ohnoitsher
    No not yet! They're taking forever! I'm checking my email every 5 minutes! Lol
  7. by   RN2B0622
    Hey nope I haven't got any email either!! :/ the wait is so killing, I cant focus on anything until I hear back!!! Hopefully by tomorrow or Friday we hear back!!
  8. by   Ben07
    Lol... Well, here's to another restless night.. Good luck to all of us.!
  9. by   RN2B0622
    I know hopefully tomorrow
  10. by   RN2B0622
    Nothing yet ! Hopefully tomorrow:/
  11. by   Ben07
    Hopefully.. I don't think I can last through the weekend..
  12. by   RN2B0622
    I know same here did anyone call to find out though?
  13. by   RN2B0622
    Any news???